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Top 3 Tourist Destinations in India for Seniors and Preparation Tips

A tourist destination is a place of significance where tourists patronage usually for its ordinary or artistic beliefs, natural resources such as game parks, national parks, lakes, mountains e.t.c, and relaxation and enjoyment among others. Some tourist attractions offer their guests an unforgettable exposure at an affordable entrance charge while others offer all-inclusive reasonable charges for accommodation and food, leaving out entrance charges to persuade tourists to sample their products.

If you are planning to go for a holiday trip, then you should consider India as your priority tourist destinations in for seniors. India as a country has a variety of recreational functions that provide a great attraction to tourists visiting the country. India is recognized for its prosperous and striking culture adding to its olden times known as an attractive destination of all times. Whether you are visiting for a short trip or a long trip you will find tourist attractions everywhere that would go hand in hand with your program or journey.

The following are the major tourist destinations in India for seniors.

New Delhi

This is one of the empires in India that has modern features with a good history for the tourist visit. It consists of many places of special interest to tourists from the whole world. In the combination of a secretariat, parliament house, national museum, national gallery of modern art, coronation Durbar site and many more that attracts senior tourists in India.


This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India that comprise of beaches with wonderful monuments including churches. Goa is a Christian based destination as its climates remain pleasant throughout the year except for June and September.


This is also among the greatest mountain range in India located in the northern parts of India. It is a destination in India that has features for trekking and mountaineering effectively encouraging for senior tourists.

Preparation tips

1.      Choose a perfect route

When traveling to India as a tourist one needs to choose a perfect route to take, as India has a lot of massive space.  In consideration of these, there are internal flights which are plenty and cheap.

2.      Go slow

One need to concentrate or to pay attention to seeing one place at a time can be of importance as compared to seeing many places together. This will enable a tourist to have a good understanding of the places he/she is.

3.      Avoid crowds

When traveling to India one need to avoid crowd places as many areas are crowded due to their high population density.

4.      Live healthily

As a traveler, consider to staying healthy when traveling to India as no one may want to get ill in the time of traveling for a tourist trip. Never drink tap water and avoid salads and fruits that you did not prepare yourself using clean treated water.


As a tourist, it is advisable the above application of tips should be in your mind always in preparing for a trip to India.


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