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Sand boarding, the Ultimate Recreational Sport in Yogya Beach

What makes Yogya Beach so special are the existing dunes covering the coastal area. They spread along the beach as far as two kilometers from west to east. Today varied events are made by the local government to attract local and foreign tourists by conducting kites festival, rocket-launch contest, and motor racing. A very close to the area is a beach with a shady shrub of pines where you can relax to see the tidal waves while having a picnic.


Additionally, the local people do not run out their way to add more recreational spots to partly change a vast sandy area into a green and flowery spot for visitors to take pictures. They have so far claimed more revenue from diverse tourism business.

Young people have introduced an outdoor sport called ‘sandboarding’ which you ski on a board over vast dunes. Located west of Parangtritis beach, the area is vast, sandy, and covered with grey sand, making it an amazing view to those newly visiting Bantul.

Being there, you can try your first gliding from the height of dune and enjoy the sensation you have never tasted before.  You can rent a board or two from local residents. If you do not find it any simple yet, a trainer is there for you. They say all you need are courage and ability to maintain balance. It is likely that you fall off the sand and are laughed at, but do not ever stop trying another attempt. Safety equipment for this sport is available, and you need only to pay some $6 for an applied length of time.


Today there has been a considerable number of visitors to play the game. And the number increased from time to time. It is a unique recreation vehicle since it is the only one found in the south-east of Asia. No other one ever exists.  Come and try!


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