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Europe Tour - Full of Memories

Life is Beautiful.. It is good to explore bcoz sometimes it teaches more than your relaxing Journey. My journey with my husband for the Anniversary celebration was the most memorable part of my life in Europe..!

A place of my dream journey started with Eifel tower, the mark of loving couples. But the reason behind its construction of around 100 years of completion was unknown before visiting that place,

Apart from Eifel, Paris is beautiful for its creativity, also there is a spot of Bride Wedding Shoot fort, which is just in the center of the city!

We headed towards Brussels where a small child standing doing pee is the most famous one. He has highlighted the entire city somewhere in between Belgium Chocolates and somewhere in Belgium Waffles. Apart from these, there is a Square in the City which has bought together 4 grand Buildings among which the only one is the building oldest from other three people which were newly built again in after blasting of attack! Such beautiful creativity in front of eyes which cannot be penned in to give visualization!

Berlin, a city of Germany is following Moscow style for its creation.

Prague is the place famous for The Prague Castle, very oldest monuments and buildings are structured so beautifully.

Amsterdam the most beautiful city, wherein people has two lanes one on road, actually three lanes, one for Pedestrians, then Cyclists and third the normal one. The city is famously known for “Madurodam” a small miniature park nearby the Netherlands where in complete Netherland is shown with small setups. Also, it has a small village wherein Cheese Factory and Wooden Block-Chappals and shoes in wood are too famous!

The most Breathtaking experience was when we headed towards the Rhine Falls situated in Zurich in Switzerland. Zurich is the most famous and beau city in Switzerland.

The Rhine falls longs about 1320 km starting from Switzerland which flows through Germany and ends in Netherland. It’s a place wherein the center a flag is dug in between on top of mountains. Then we moved towards the Lake of Zurich, most beautiful lake doing many peddling boats and offering cruise drives!

Last but not the least was the ultimate snow..obviously if you go to Switzerland and you don’t enjoy snow is not possible. Finally MT TITHLIS. Had lots of Snow Rides, Ice flyer Ride. Mt Tithlis is situated at the top with 10000 feet. The place with the Indian movie DDLJ statue placed in Europe. Unbelievable it was!

It had the yummiest chocolate corner. Lintd Chocolate is the most famous of all. Swiss Costume was very cute ..! Every Chocolate taste was having that amazing melt from within. Very happiest and fun-loving moment!

Then we were transferred to Lake of Lucern. Lucern is the largest city in Switzerland ..Lovely experience it was!! The place was full of beautiful eternal peace. Most Relaxing Moment of the entire tour was coming to an end with the satisfying experience.


Thank you so much. Mr Kabra for this Unbelievable and Lifetime memories of life!!!



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