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A walk under lake Victoria

Did you know that it is literally possible to have a stroll or a walk under the lake without deep sea swimming equipment? Yes, it is very realistic in Lake Victoria in Kenya the great lake in Africa.

 Two Islands in Lake Victoria are known to have a cave path connecting one Island to the other through deep beneath the lake. This is just one such cave in Kenya.

The locals are known to walk deep through the first Island and reappear on the opposite island within the same lake without directly swimming or riding through the Lake Victoria.

The two small Islands adjacent to Rusinga Island a bigger island are very visible and accessible from the many tourist hotels in Rusinga Islands and can be accessed using speedboats and water buses from Rusinga Islands.

Rusinga Island can easily be accessed from either Kisumu or Nairobi cities in Kenya by bus. It's approximately 400 kilometers from Nairobi and roughly 110kilometers from Kisumu. You can also get a direct ferry from Kisumu. One can also have a well-arranged charter flight from Nairobi or Kisumu, though the bus is cheaper.

The local guides are of great assistance for a good walk or one can get a tour guide through the tourist hotels who offer speedboats to either island. The locals who are a majority of Luo origins are known to have very many traditional myths about the caves and generally about Lake Victoria itself and it is advisable to inquire about the myths before you embark on the walk. They are known to have taught a white man in the past the traditional wild witchcraft of riding hippopotamus! The walk in the cave is not a great deal to them..

It is highly advisable that tourists carry proper protective gears, warm clothes, gloves, headgear, boots, proper spotlight to guide you in your life walk under the great lake. Precaution should be taken not to go for such a walk during the night as most lake Victoria islands' are full of hippopotamus and crocodiles. Hence an individual's safety.

In your underwater walk expect very many underwater neighbors and strange creatures like billions of African bats common in African caves and occasionally tropical snakes and lake scorpions hence your need for protective gears. The walk is too natural with occasional wet regions and large pools of water since this is a natural underwater cave resulting from natural volcanic eruption land formation. Some of the pools are waist high hence need to have waterproof electronics such as cameras and torches.

In the walk expect very cold and humid air condition hence the need for warm clothes and raincoats. The locals believe the misty humid underwater condition may have some pneumonia symptoms though the lake is purely a freshwater lake. The bats' wastes are also not good for human health and it is advisable for a proper shower and spray after the walk.

Next time you visit Kenya don't forget to enquire and visit Rusinga Islands and enjoy your underwater walks inside the lake.


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