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The Incredible India in short

India is a land that is beyond your imagination, having traveled quite well, I thought I should write something on India because of its differences. India is being India is a miracle. There is nothing common in India no language no culture no religion no cast no color no terrain. And what makes India one is only one factor that west ruled us and shaped India into this present form.

India remains one of the most ethnically diverse counties as its strength for this many years. The number of castes and tribes India is something not comprehensive up to date. Present India was born in the dreams of fathers of India like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and so many others. The one who wrote the discovery of India also could not discover India well in my view because there are many things that did not include in it as the strength of India.

The physical prosperity and cultural dynamism of India is remarkably changing at a fast pace, though the population remain largely rural India has three of the most populous cities of the world Mumbai Kolkata and Delhi and three other fastest-growing sited of the world Bangalore Hyderabad and Chennai

            A land of temples: Indian temples are telling the world an immemorial legacy of India. Indian temples are not only remained the old glory of India but teach us the unique intellectual backing behind the structure and the engineering. The sculptural skill of the people was something admirable, which cant be explained in words. The spiritual richness of the Indian soil is something that soothes any being that look of peace and serenity in life.  

India is a land with Himalayan foothills the place of sanctity, the heaven on earth the Kashmir, the greenery of Panjabi, the immortals of Rajasthan(palaces), the path of Bhutan in Bihar,  the cultural capital Kolkata, the mystic butty of northeastern states, the Bollywood variability of Mumbai, the queen of Arabian Sea, the pride of Mughal's central India, the Nizamuddini Hyderabad, the Dravidian pride of Madras, the south Indian tiger in Mysore, silk corridor in Bangalore, natural spa in Kerala and Incredible Kanyakumari.

          Salivating Indian cuisines is a miracle of India. Meghalayan momos, Thurubal, Naga Raja chilly, Bengali sweets, Tandoori, Mughal Sweets, Gulab Jaamunaa, Chole Bhature,  Pany Puri, Jalebi, Hyderabadi Spice, Kannada Ragimoodai, Madrasi Dosa and Idly,  Dham biriyani, Kerala paratha, and beef, Banna chips, and samosa.

          India’s love for music and dance is in every fiber of India. It is a land that overflows with feasts and festivals. To count Indian festivals, 365 days of a year is not enough. This is the mother of all celebrations. Thrissur's Pooram, Pongal, Ugadi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Bihu, Holy Diwali, Lohri, Onam, and many small and big religion got their own celebrations. Indian musical system is also fully developed in all its forms from the north Hindustani to the south Carnatic and there are a number of locally developed folk music’s too like Dandiya, Hariyanavi, Gazal, Rajasthani, Panjabi, and many more.

        This greatness of India is the pride of every Indian and we always welcome everyone to this world of diversity.


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