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What is Hacking and How hacking affects the society and the region?

What is hacking?

The expansion of the internet in the world is increasing daily with speed and also the bad and good factor of the internet is increasing, one of them is Hacking. In the age of technology, we all use the laptop, smartphones, and computers. Almost half of the world use the internet but do you know someone can hack your computer and your website and access or steal all your important data. someone can hack your social media account like facebook, twitter, Instagram without informing you. What are you thinking?is it possible or not! So I want to tell you that it is all possible. The process to hack someone without informing him is called Hacking and the person who goes through with it is known as a hacker.

Hacking is a process in which a hacker find and exploit the vulnerabilities or weakness to gain unauthorized access to systems or resources. Its a process to make every efforts to exploit the computer systems and any private network inside the computer. In the simple word, we can understand that a hacker who breaks all the security of your computer, network, website etc. It's not true hacking is not only to break the securities but also helps to strengthen the security. people use hacking both for good and bad purpose but I suggest you only for good purpose. There are many types of a hacker but basically, only three types of hacker are discussing!

Types of Hacker...

Types of Hacker

1.White Hat Hacker: White Hacker are those who go through the hacking by taking permission of specific organization. These types of hackers are called an ethical hacker. They work for the government or some other organization.

2.Grey Hat Hacker: These are those who use hacking only for experiment and practical that's all.

3. Black Hat Hacker: Black Hat Hacker are those who go through the hacking without permission of any organization. These types of hacker break all the internet securities without taking permission of other and steal or access all the documents and pieces of information from their system. They use hacking only for the bad or wrong accident. 


Types of Hacking...

Types of Hacking

Tools for Hacking...

Hacking tools

1. Metasploit

2. Acunetix WVS

3. Nmap

4. Wireshark

5. oclHashcat

6. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

7. Maltego

8. Social-Engineer Toolkit


Basically, the best operating system to learn ethical hacking as a beginner is the Linux operating is an open operating system and you can use every tool which we discussed above.

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