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Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh

Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh

Energy conservation and management is a basic requirement these days and to deal with the increased energy crisis there is a need to opt for renewable energy sources and solar being the most available resource scientists have ventured in generating power from the sun making use of transducers which are capable of converting solar energy into electrical energy and other forms of energy. Rolisa Solar charge Power Bank can tap solar energy and store the charge for use during other outdoor activities. It’s essential for places which don’t have access to electricity places prone to storms, hurricanes and other conditions which usually cut down electricity supply.


Amazon has been selling the Rolisa Solar power Bank with a capacity of 24000mAh and most of the customers have a positive feedback about the product some terming it as Godsend and others claiming they won’t live without it. On January 26, 2018, Amanda Kaye comments that he is happy about Rolisa solar charge power Bank, despite the fact that he lives in a place prone to storms and hurricanes, the solar charger power bank provides him with the supplement power supply once the electricity has been cut off so charging his devices is not really a big problem during power cut.

 Debbie Scroggins on April 7, 2018, describes Rolisa charge Power Bank as godsend, he claims that his friend who had adventured on a hike for more than 4 weeks had been using it to charge her iPhone and had not complained about any anything apart from incidences of dreary days when there is insufficient sunlight for charging the power bank but she always waits for optimum sunny conditions and she charges the power bank to full.

 Another case is of that Smilesophia who on November 9, 2017, says that the solar charger power bank is eco-friendly and as well as cheap, she describes the charger ports which allows more than one device charging at the same time and its material are proof to water and dirt.

On November 8, 2017, Little J describes Rolisa Solar charge Power Bank as a very cool portable charger and should be considered as a basic necessity for every family. He talks about its unique output ports and can be charged using both sunlight and DC and is a pretty backup for emergency cases.

Another user by the name Voltage, he comments that he has been using the solar charger power bank for at least a week and has found very useful but has complained about the charging time which takes a couple of hours before its considered full but using a higher voltage adapter helps to speed up the charging. He also speaks about the flashlight which has moderate brightness and their switch is easy to switch on and off.

Ryan. W on October 17, 2017 comments that the solar charger power bank is great for camping and carries an ideal charge which can sustain charging for even 5 times after a full charge, he also wrote and said that the solar charged power bank cannot be relied upon due to the fact that mostly they cannot charge fully using only sunlight but the small charge they tap helps in boosting his cell phone once it has completely drained.

On June 19, 2018, Luis comments that it’s equipment that cannot be relied on and he can’t recommend anybody to buy it as he had used it for 10 hours and later on it had breakdown terming it not helpful as sometimes the battery displays that it working but the peripheries do not work. This is a very negative feedback so far after many have been giving a positive feedback concerning the working of the solar charger power bank. 

Jason on November 2, 2017, reviewed Rolisa solar charge power bank as easy to use, he adds that charging from the power bank is very simple and also charging it is as well easy as long as there is sunlight availability. He comments that he can use the power bank to charge his iPhone up to 6 times once it has been fully charged. What he really likes about the power bank is the 24000 mAh battery capacity which can be used continuously for a long period of time without being cut out.

Adam H. on November 20, 2017 claims that he had bought Rolisa solar charge power bank for his sister who was a victim of storms in Virginia Island and she had no power and the best was getting her the backup for power supply. The problem is that both of the two items he had bought work at all and really urge anybody not to purchase them.

Debra Carlson on February 1, 2018, commented that the charger spoiled her Samsung smartphone, she tried to charge her phone using the battery but since then there is no display on the screen, it’s only a black screen display. There is also some incidences where other people that the battery was not charging their phones but should sound of compatibility issues rather than the failure of the battery. 


To sum it all natural sources of energy are of a wide variety and before opting for any other source of energy its well to try first these renewable sources. There are varieties of these renewable energy sources in the particular field such as wind energy, coal, geothermal energy and even biogas in some instances. The percentage of most reviews about Rolisa solar charge power bank is basically of positive feedback and this makes it a product that can be recommended to buyers in search a durable power backup in cases of power failure. Though most feedback is just positive, there are also cases of customers complaining about incidences of the Rolisa Charge power bank failing to function also sometimes causing problems to the devices being charged but they are minimal and cannot as well be considered a claim for product failure.



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