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How You Can Be Internet Hackers Victims?

Come back with an important partnership with IT hackers. Why are you interested in typing this keyword? Are you a cautious person and want to know what cybercrime tactics or you have been a victim of cyber-scams?


If your intention is to learn how the scammer deceives the victim through this quest, it is advisable not to continue that desire. Now, let's continue with the simple basics commonly used by hackers to steal your personal data.


First, you need to understand that hackers have a very clear goal. They will try to get your email password. Your primary email is the mother of all social accounts like Facebook, Tweeter, and others.


If they manage to get them, you are entitled to a sense of pressure over a long period of time. Yes, how did it happen?


Before going too far, let's check out the list of the usual negligence you did in a public place that caused your personal data to easily leak.


1. Open an email in public

Like a cafe, office or anywhere that gives an unfamiliar opportunity to lurk your actions in the laptop's limit. In the cafe, you are free to type in a password and as mistyped and the login to the Gmail account fails, you can simply press the password show function. The dangers are everywhere despite the fact that you really feel safe.


2. Forgot to check out the Gmail account in the cyber cafe

Why should this negligence be forgiven? How many people have forgotten to keep their email accounts completely shut down and not accessible to other users? I used to use a PC at Cyber ​​Cafe and were shocked when my Gmail suddenly came out of someone else's picture. Apparently, the previous user did not check out. Yes, he was lucky because I did not have time to hack his account.


3. Do not empty the trash

Please do not let your trash cans be full of notebooks. There is a brief summary of the information you are removing into it by the criminals. No need to laugh at first, this may happen. Share it if you've heard it before. I've seen a lot of times when investigating officers scour the trash. That means there is a temporary information gathering place that is very useful for investigators and criminals.


4. Never lose your smartphone

I believe all the important information will be stored there. For security reasons, make sure you set a password on the phone. Such negligence is unpardonable. How are the most important things left behind or forgotten and so on? Has this ever happened to you? share how she feels so that others can avoid this kind of neglect.


5. Like to open spam email 

You are usually familiar with emails that are already in spam. Actually, the Gmail system has read the security level of an email sent to you and its accuracy is almost 99.9% that all the emails that keep coming into spam are scams. So, do not try to open spam email.


It turns out that some of the above exposures all come from self. Your negligence has helped simplify this IT hacker. Other times we will share with you the exact way your personal data can be stolen by IT hackers so cunningly.


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