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How to record phone call on android mobile without using any app

The use of new technologies is making our life more comfortable and easier than before. But, we must consider the side effects of each technology alongside its benefits. Sometimes we need to keep phone call records for getting necessary information from previous call records. Different types of users can take different types of benefits from phone call records. For example, call center agents can make proper decisions by analyzing previous call records of the customers. They can focus properly on the customer's complaint, demand and reactions on some common issues and able to achieve the proper solution. The students can also use the phone call recording features for making their study easier. Suppose, when the students want to discuss any topic with their teacher or their friends over the phone then they can keep the phone call records for future use. If they miss anything or if anything is unclear to them then they can listen to the recorded phone call later. 

Many apps are available in Google Play Store to record phone calls. But, using this type of apps are not secure because the users have to allow these apps to monitor the device id and call list for installing the app. These apps can steal the user's private data and can able to misuse your call list for undesirable purposes. So, it is very harmful to install these type of apps on the mobile. It is better to use the phone option for recording the phone call. The smartphone users can take this facility without using any recording app and secure their call list. The settings options for smartphones are different for different operating systems. Most of the android mobiles which contain latest operating system has Auto Call Record-Setting option to record phone call automatically. The user just needs to enable this option from the phone. This article will help to know the way to enable this setting on any android mobile. 

Step - 1:

Click on the Settings icon to open the settings options. In the most of the Android mobile, Call settings will be found on the Wireless & networks section. click on Call settings to open other setting options related to call.

Step - 2:

There will be a Call settings option for Voicemail, call waiting and others. Click on Call Settings option from Settings option.

Step - 3:

Find out the Auto Call Record option from this setting for enabling automatic call record option. Click Auto Call Record from Call settings.

Step - 4:

Enable Auto Call Record by clicking the checkbox.

Done. Now you can create a call and check the recording in Auto Call Record folder. if you keep the records of your all calls regularly then the memory of the phone will be occupied by recorded data. So, you must delete unnecessary phone call records manually from your phone. When you don't want this feature anymore then just uncheck Auto Call Record option by following the above steps. Enjoy phone call recording facilities without any app, compromising your privacy and sharing call information. 


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