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How to increase the growth of technology in the country

by:Devjeet Majumder

 Increase the growth of technology must needed for our country. Unless the technologies developed in the laboratories , commercial exploitation cannot take place , economy cannot benefit from the technologies. The executive agencies involved in the generation , adoption, and adaptation of technology include the Departments of Science & technology, Biotechnology, Atomic energy , electronicsand space as well as CSIR, ICAR etc.Every thing in this country are developed with the help of technologies. Technologies are prevailed in every field of work. No one can work except the technologies. In every cornor of the country, technology must be necessary in the making of electronic goods.The government controls the import of technology by other country through maintaining a national register of foreign collaboration and involved schemes like technology of trading technology , technology transfer advisory committee and technology transfer cell.With the help of technology many new things are to be made . New features of electronics goods are to made to apply the technology .The computer must be a good example of technology.With the help of computer so many works are to done very fast and accurately. Computer must be a example of creative of technology.To increase the growth of technology we take the help of other countries or government.

To encourage the the generation and use of indigeniously tyechnogy, many new incentives are to be granted by the government. Among the steps taken for the transfer of technology for its absorption is the creastion of institutions  like ICAR  extension centres and polytechnology  centres of CSIR , rural technology - cum-training  centres of NRDC , and community polytechnics an d the Ministry of Human Resources.TO increase the growth of technology must be need for researches of any project of creating the scientific work .Increase the technology must be necessary to make a scientific programme .The Department of space occupies a unique  place in that it generates its own technologies developedby Indian Industries and transfer spin- offs of advanced technologies , developed in space programmes, to industry.

To increase the wide soectrum of technology and application areas covered under ISRO's technology transfer include all telecommunications, computer systems (hardware and software), electronics parts , optics and opto -electronics , electochemical systems, chemicals and polymers , and other special materials. The marketing division of ISRO has been exporting technology. Every electronicals parts are involved in the technological features.BARC has constituted a technology transfer group (TTG) for identification of the process and prototypes developed in BARC which could be transferred to private or public sector undertaking.

For technology generation  leading to self -reliance in electronic sector , the Department of Electronics constituted the technology development council (TDC) , which promoted  several technology programmes .Thprogramme of Department of O cean Development have resulted in the generation if new technologies related to the fields of Antartic research,and survey of living and non-living resources. 

CSIR  is another major source of technology transfer for a wide spectrum of industries .It is very necessary to the growth of technology to make the countries prosperous. Country can take a first rank to advanced the technology.


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