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How to cashout Paypal Money in Non Supporting Countries (Others)

There is a genuine way to withdraw money from paypal accounts for countries where paypal is not supported. Therefore, those writers, clients, and customers willing to use paypal but not supported in their countries, have the alternative to cash out their funds. The alternative way to use exchange websites, money exchangers in forums or payoneer MasterCard.

Payoneer Mastercard, is recommended as the safest and convenient way for new online users. That is, freelancer workers with little experience in using online tools. This is because payoneer is one of the payments methods that do not allow lose of any hard- earned and it can be supported even in countries that do not allow paypal operations. Therefore, it is recommended to be the best for use.

What is a payoneer MasterCard?

Payoneer mastercard is a reliable, safest and quickest international payment method that allows global payment under a very a low cost.

Payoneer MasterCard has been proven to be the leading international payment gateway that supports all countries, even those countries that do not support paypal. Payoneer MasterCard is being used all over the world. This is because; it supports anyone that desire to receive cash online either being from US countries or not.

Standard MasterCard is acceptable in any ATM that accepts MasterCard no matter the bank type, and due to its capability payoneer has made it easy for the users to withdraw their funds from paypal through ATM that accepts MasterCard.

Payoneer is acceptable in all countries in the world. Therefore, anyone in these countries that supports payoneer card can apply. It will take just five minutes to fill the application form while singing up. The form requires username, password, security questions and personal details like address, date of birth, country, city, and contacts e.t.c.  the steps are as follows:

1.      Go to the Signup page  and fill the information

2.      Fill in a valid personal email address where the card will be mailed

3.      The applicant will receive email notification about the card approval

4.      The card will be then shipped to the owner within 21 to 30 days through the postal office used

5.      The card will be issued with the secret pin which the user should use to activate.

After filling the form, the message will be sent to user email alerting them that the application has been received. Then after 21 days they will receive their card in the mail. And they will have to activate it online by the use of the code in the mail.

That is how simple it is to open a payoneer card, therefore, with that one can use the card to withdraw or receive money from clients all over the world without any problem or struggle. With payoneer MasterCard one can:

1.      Verify their paypal account

2.      Pay for goods and services online

For anyone to receive payments online from international buyers currently for the countries where paypal is not supported they need US bank account. Therefore payoneer comes attached with a virtual US Bank account and this becomes the reason as to why it is possible to withdraw paypal money though payoneer.

Finally, it is good to know that payoneer transaction fees are very low compared to other companies like cash exchange websites which changes up to 30 percent to withdraw paypal money. For the payoneer there is one-time setup fee of 9.95 dollars for activating the card and from there other transactions are charged 1% only. Therefore, payoneer is recommended to be the best.



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