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Can't Do Without Internet

We live in a world of technology. We are gripped by its power of influence it has over us. We are to a certain extent controlled and manipulated by it. But there are ways that we can stop this trend.


1) Reality Check. We need to give ourselves a reality check at least several times a day. It will help us to focus on the real world and what needs to be doing things that technology can't help us. Technology in many ways stops us from truly enjoying life and we tend to stay stuck in the virtual world. 


2) Spend Time With Your Family: It's crucial and very important to spend time with your family, and if you have young kids in your family tell them they are not allowed to have cell phones or computers or tablets with them all the time. They get to choose the hours but they must not neglect their homework and outdoor activities. Technology and the Internet can be loads of fun but we need to keep in mind the basic fundamentals in check and in place. Children today tend to have their own way and manipulate their parents into using the Internet and forget the things that are most important. 


3) Ignorance: Even most parents are ignorant of the fact in this situation and do not always know what to do. I know of someone who has a young boy. He's only 11 years old. He spends more time on the Internet and playing games sometimes more than 12 hours a day. That's not good. It's not normal and it's not healthy. The mother knows this and understands that it's a big serious problem. The child gets away with it al the time. The young boy does not spend any social quality time with family or with friends does not spend time in the garden and he's not interested in sports or in outside activities. He allows the Internet and gaming platforms to control him and manipulate his life. He has no varied interests. If he does not get the way he performs, and the mother gives up. On weekends he will sit at his computer and be on the Internet almost every time. He's not interested in what other people are doing. 


4) Activities: If your child has this problem and fits into this category, there are solutions that can help solve this problem. Sit with your child and tell them the seriousness of their situation. Also, tell them what they need to do or the Internet will be taken away from them. This may sound cruel and harsh but being glued to the Internet more than 12 hours a day is not good and the child needs to socialize spend time with family and friends, take on hobbies or join a Boy/Girl Scouts club and do horse riding on weekends. You need to consider that there are alternatives and other necessary options to consider and are available. 


5) Being Attentive: Be attentive to your child's needs and help your child. If you do not know what to do find counseling and other sources of information online and offline. 


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