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The future is in the Smart Homes

In the last year and a half, there have been a lot of discussions about smart homes. Now, it seems that we will have a device that can tell us what time it is, order our groceries, play music and keep our lives in a certain order. It all sounds unbelievable but it is definitely something that we will experience very soon. With autonomous cars in the development and market of carrier technologies that will double by 2021, robot assistants and fully automated houses are no longer just far-reaching predictions.

Looking back in the past, and, for example, in the 1980s, technology radically changed the way of life. But as long as what we do all day drastically changed, the place where we do it looks the same. Apart from the fact that we may have several screens now, the houses today and the homes where we grew up still look almost the same. This will soon change, according to a recently published blog post from the British company PlusNet. The company has recently interviewed many experts to gather their predictions about how our homes will be transformed by technology in the coming decades. Here are some of their visions about how our houses will look like in 2050.


Lighting for sleep (and atmosphere)

Science shows that lighting not only affects our way of sleeping (the blue light that emits the screen before sleep is particularly bad) but our way of thinking and feeling. The smart house that will be designed in the near future will be able to give us a natural light which will help us fall asleep better. So, you should not worry about the light anymore because this will easily be solved with just one click.


Kitchen without cooks

If you do not like cooking and you are not a big fan of buying food, do not worry, in just a few decades our home will be able to take that chore and do it fur us. Our kitchen will be all at once and be able to use the resources that have and ingredients to make delicious foods according to our preferences. But that is not all, it will then clean the dirty dishes and store them right where they belong. Could you possibly wish anything more than that?


The balance in the bathroom that takes care of our health
Our bathrooms will be able to do so much more than just taking care of our hygiene. In the near future, bathrooms will have so-called scanners and scan our bodies to tell us in what condition our health is. Then the scanner will tell us exactly what we need to do to improve our health.


Virtual decoration

In the near future, what we do not have to be concerned about are the paintings that we have on our walls because we will have virtual helpers who will paint whatever we want to and help us decorate our clothes and design new styles for us. Yes, you will have your own designer at home who will be able to change anything for you. If you were worried about a style of a certain dress, in the near future, your virtual helper will be able to change the style of the dress and transform it into something according to your own taste.


Climatic controlled indoor gardens

According to some recent studies, it has been proved that the greenery has many positive effects on our overall health – both physical and mental. Since it is so good for us, note that in the future we will have gardens inside our homes that will provide us lots of health benefits and make us feel more productive.


Vacations on demand

Virtual reality will be so cool in just a few years. With a simple combination of things, you will be able to visit a certain place in just under a few seconds. Your virtual reality will take you wherever you want to and then take you back to your home. Yes, that will be possible and people will be able to go on vacations from their home and be teleported to the desired destination. We just need to be patient and wait for this to happen. 

There will be no need of garages

It seems that future homes will give us a lot of opportunities, and help us get rid of those that we won’t need any more such as the garage. Where are we going to park our cars if we won’t have garages anymore? Well, we won’t have cars in the future so why would we need garages then? Simple devices that will be available at low prices will be able to take us anywhere we want to so cars will slowly start to “disappear” from the market as there will be better options for us.


We are all eagerly waiting for the future of smart homes that will definitely make our lives so much easier.




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