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How to improve your health through sports

Sports are very vital for the human body. They make the body to be fit and also healthy. In schools during physical education, we engage in exercises, warm-ups so that whenever we compete in games activities, we can be able to participate and also train our bodies to be in good shape


The issue of proper diet is very important. It would be unethical if one is talented in sports but never minds eating a good diet that can energize the body. Junk foods such as fries, burgers, fried chicken when taken in large amounts can cause addiction and obesity. When one is obese, he or she lacks the ability to become a diligent sportsman or sportswoman.


Sports can also boost mental health. When a person engages in sports, the brain develops positively and can also contribute to good academic performance. Through being active in games can also boost creativity since the brain cells are starting to become active. Through sporting career, a sportsman can also interact with other sportsmen to know their strengths and weaknesses so that whenever they make mistakes, they can get to know them and to work on them


Sports can also be a career, the likes of Usain Bolt, David Rudisha and many others, took athletics as a career. They trained very hard to compete on the Olympics and IAAF Diamond leagues. They can also be good role models to those who would take athletics.


Furthermore, when one is good in sports, he or she can earn a lot of money. In a school setting, one can earn scholarships that enable them to further their studies. The likes of paul pogba, jesse lingard, Cristiano Ronaldo and many other footballers are making a living through playing football. After a match which takes place during the weekends, they get their salary and can use the salary for their specific needs.


The issue of exercising is very important for the well being of the body. Training and exercise enables the person to know how a certain game is played. In football, there are coaches who motivate the players and guide them on how to dribble the ball. In volleyball, a player trains on how to serve, strike and score. Through training, it psychologically prepares the players to face challenges that can arise during the match.


Moreover, challenges may arise. During a football match, a player may commit a foul and penalized with a yellow card, if he or she commits the foul again, he or she is given a red card. In sports, there are rules and regulations that govern a match. If those rules are violated, there are punishments for example through the use of cards in football. A  player may also be injured when he or she is playing. The player could succumb from mild to critical injuries that need medical intervention. This can be a negative factor to the well being of the body.


Sports should not be taken for granted. Let us embrace sports.


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