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Why is There a Rivalry Between Two of the Greatest Tennis Players?

They say that their rivalry is one of the biggest in tennis, not only on the field but also outside of it.

It's no secret that Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova do not like each other, and before their semi-final tour of Wimbledon, many foreign media decided to recall what caused animosity between two tennis players.

However, it is somewhat clear why Sharapova does not like Williams. Namely, out of 19 matches, Serena won the championship in 11 years.
After their last visit, apparently dissatisfied, Sharapova said: "When it comes to her, I love every moment on the field because it's the best, and you always want to play against the best. I'm proud to play in the same era as she did."

However, Sharapova is ruling the media, and the 28-year-old has earned over 125 million pounds only on sponsorships, Daily Mail reports.

Serena does not choose the words, so during an interview, talking with her sister, she compiled jokes at the expense of an unnamed tennis player who starts each interview with the words "I am so happy, in love".

Obviously Serena called her very boring, and in the end, she said: "She's still not going to be called a cool party, and if she wants to be with an image that has a black heart, let her have it."

Serena did not expect that part to go public, so she became embarrassed when it happened.

After leaving her, Dimitrov began a relationship with Sharapova, and Serena said in the interview, only a few weeks later: "I quit the connections. It did not work in my case. I am a very emotional person and I give everything up. I make mistakes, like every other human being, but the last connection broke me. I cannot go through it anymore. It was too difficult. "

Their relationship became even tougher after Sharapova announced to the public that Serena was in touch with the 45-year-old coach, French Patrick.

However, neither of them had any luck in love. Sharapova was in contact with seducer Andy Roddick, the basketball player with whom she was briefly engaged, with producer Charlie Ebersol and singer Maroon 5 with Adam Levine who allegedly compared her with "dead frog" because "she was very bad in bed ".

He later denied that he had ever said that.

Grand Slam titles record holder Serena Williams responded to the attacks on herself in Maria Sharapova's autobiography last September.

The rivalry between the two is well-known, but the American is surprised at how much she has been allocated to her in the book, and how Sharapova explains her 19 losses in 21 matches against Serena.

The Russian lady claims that Williams hates her and always plays with malice against her for the painful loss in the Wimbledon final in 2004. Then she heard her rival cry in the dressing room.

"People wonder why I have only two wins out of 21 matches against her and the answer lies in that dressing room. I think she hated me because I was a poor kid who, in spite of all expectations, beat her at Wimbledon.

But most of all I think she hates me because I saw her weeping. Not long after a tournament, I heard her say to a friend that "I will never lose again from this little bitch," Sharapova writes in her book.

Serena Williams, however, was not fascinated by what she wrote.

"I think 100% rumors are written in the book, and from what I heard and read, I am quite disappointed.

I have been crying in the dressing room after many losses and that's normal. Others do it. This shows passion and desire for victory. Still, it was Wimbledon's final. It would have been strange if I had not wept. I'm emotional and I do not hide it. What happened then had to stay there. It's not good to tell him in a book and try to humiliate another person, "the American said.

"I was glad when the book came out, I wanted to read it, but it turned out that there was too much written about it for me, honestly, I was surprised, and not everything is true, I do not feel negative emotions, but to a certain extent I am insulted by these rumors I have always argued that women have to maintain each other I am inspired by successful women. She played very well before the punishment she is doing well again, I have never had bad feelings for her, "Serena adds.

They will meet at Roland Garros' eighth-finals and this will be the first match between them for almost two and a half years - from January 2016 at the Australian Open.

"Sharapova is a favorite, and she returned nearly a year ago, and I'm just now, and I'm just trying to figure out where I've gotten and what I'm supposed to do." The match against her will be another test, and she always plays well here. see what level I am and continue to progress, "concluded Serena Williams.


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