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Sad News About the King of Cleveland – Lebron James

He is currently the greatest star of the NBA, one of the best players of the day, month and even every year. His every step is followed with great attention, but these 10 facts are promising to many.
Simply, this man was born to be the best! From the time he went to basketball, the Lebron James team was in the spotlight. At the moment, he does not have a flat ground, the media is following every move.

Here are some of the ou 10 things that you certainly did not know about King James.

Lebron James

1. In addition to Michael Jordan, the only player who won the MVP title for the regular season, the finals of the NBA, and the gold medal at the Olympic Games in the same year.

2. Lebron and Karim Abdul Jabbar are the only NBA players to win the MVP title twice 25 years ago.

3. Due to disagreement with teammates, in 2008 he almost left the US national team. After lengthy conversations with the selector, he decided to change the decision.

4. Lebron loves football. He played it in high school, and today he is a shareholder of the famous Liverpool.

5. His favorite subject during his education was art. Today he designs his sneakers.
6. A high school coach punished him for ten courses with ten conclusions.

7. In addition to eating and writing with his left hand, he shoots with the right.

8. The youngest player in the NBA, who scored two thousand points in one season (2004/2005).

9. For the first time, he slammed into the eighth grade of elementary school, at a match between students and professors.

10. He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine before he played his first professional match. The contract with "Nike" worth 90 million dollars has already been signed.

Interesting facts about him right? These are probably things you did not know about Lebron James before. But now that you do, there is some sad news that you will be disappointed when you read them. Note that these are just speculations for now, but we will have to wait for a bit longer to find out if they are real or not.

The news that Lebron James will leave Cleveland is a trending topic in the United States of America. Is that really so? Will he leave Cleveland for good?
An ESPN journalist who is very much familiar with the NBA league, claims that Lebron James will be a basketball player of Los Angeles Lakers from 2018 onwards.

- The backstabbing media talk about Lebron's departure. I want to interrupt all speculations and with full certainty, I can say that Lebron will leave Cleveland and become a new member of Los Angeles Lakers, who want to regain the status of a great team, says the journalist.

The Lakers for several seasons cannot return to the top of American basketball, and the arrival of Lebron James would definitely mean a lot to them.

Lebron James is planning to quit for the fourth round, eight finals in a row, four against Warriors, what we will look from tonight has become a basketball classic.

Golden State won two of the three finals against James, and now enter as favorites against Cleveland, they also have the advantage of home court.

But Lebron acts unstoppable, although the accompanying "orchestra" is not at the championship level.

Does that mean that he will leave Cleveland for speculation at the end of the season?

At this point, he is allegedly considering two options. One is to stay in Cleveland, they hope for Ohio, and the other is Lakers.

Namely, the best team in the history of the West has room for two maximum contracts, with Paul George and Lebron, with several young players this could be a good base, though many believe that his only chance for good results as if he is going to Philadelphia or possibly Houston. What will happen, we will see very soon.

Namely, the American "NBC Sports" interprets James's statement as his possible departure from the club after winning the title.

They believe that "the King" could very easily go if he fulfills his goal.

Earlier there were stories about his departure from Ohio, as Lebron "followed" the official profile of the Cavs on Twitter, and he said he wanted to play in the team with some of the greatest players there, so many already assumed that James would still once "leave" Cleveland.

Still, these stories have are not confirmed, but now the US media could re-launch the subject.

How real is this, only Lebron knows, but it is well known that "where there is smoke, there is also fire."


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