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Mystery about angel particles

It is not too fair to neglect small values or things. Do not underestimate atoms. Atoms make up everything and that is what makes us matter. The words “small” and “atoms” could tickle your brain and help you identify that my texts are about to explain a particle.


The term particle is often used by us. But that doesn’t mean anything much important. Have you ever thought of learning a proper definition of particle? Most of us failed because we need not spend much time exploring basic things unmindful of what it is.



The particle is properly defined as a small localized object which can be described by several physical and chemical properties like volume or mass or density. A particle isn’t a separate identity, instead, that is what known to us in many names like neutron, proton, electron and even the powders and granular materials.


The particles are basically classified into two classes for reference. The first class is Bosons, named after Satyendra Nath Bose. It is because these are the particles which follow the Bose-Einstein statistics which theorizes the characteristics of elementary particles.

You are clever enough to predict the other class. Fermions it is. These are named after Enrico Fermi.

These particles do follow Fermi Dirac statistics. This class includes elementary particles like electrons and composite particle such as protons.

Every optimistic idea has its corresponding pessimistic one. Likewise, every particle has its own enmity particle or antiparticle. Have you ever heard a thing which is both optimistic and pessimistic?





It is never likely to happen unless you heard about a special particle called ANGEL particle. Antiparticle literally means a particle that has the same mass as the regular particle, but an opposite electric or magnetic property. Ettore Majorana postulated some particles among the fermions should have their own antiparticles. It is strictly theorized that when particles and antiparticles collide they annihilate to produce energy as like the inverse case of pair production .For example, the electron which belongs to fermions is annihilated by positrons. Such particles are called Majorana particles.


Angel particles is something special because here the particles are the antiparticles. The researchers have named their discovery the “Angel particles “after the bestselling thriller book ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown. Why was it named after a book? This is because the content of the book is quite mind blowing and is beyond ordinary literature. The book includes creating a time bomb from a combination of matter and antimatter. However in quantum world, Majorana particles represent only angels and not demons.



The concepts of particle and antiparticle were 80 years old. When big bang created the universe out of nothing, scientists believed the explosion created equal amounts of matter and antimatter and when these particles meet, they would annihilate each other returning to nothing apart from a burst of energy. This is a believing cycle of particles. The discovery of these particles concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years.

Though the advancements of science during the Second World War, was in the intention to destroy nations, we people now make most of it. It is thought the existence of fermions could be used to help bring about the technological revolution promised by quantum computers, which are many times more powerful than existing machines.




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