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Memory stones that helps you


Everything in this world is dependent on time. There are many undergoing types of research in time travel. Is that possible to travel to the past and change things happened?

This is still a far cry to all the researchers.

 Vijay Velu, a thesis writer of our age group, doing his bachelors in electronics and communication in MIT, has come out with his thesis on time travel.

According to his research, a light reflected from the

The event can be felt once again if our velocity is greater than the light velocity. This makes us feel the reoccurrence of that event. The only drawback is that we cannot involve ourselves in that event.

This research is still in progress. He suggests an alternate way to travel time which is as easy as a walk in the piece of cake. You may be eagerly waiting for the way …right?

Here it comes. Whenever you would like to travel to past, you just recall the memories of the past event that you wish to reach. These recalling memories may be done by viewing photos and videos of that event.

This process of retrieving memories gives a similar feel as that you were in that event.


This article is about brain-inspired translucent sculptures that make you recall memories.

You might wonder “is that possible for a sculpture to make us travel time?” Yes, of course, possible it is.

These sculptures are designed to appear like neurons since it’s purpose is to make us recall memory.


The neuron-like sculptures contain cavities where visitors can place a color-coded memory stone. They represent the need to record one’s personal experience. The idea is to recall a powerful memory and share that memory by placing a memory stone inside a sculpture.

This action reflects the way memories are encoded and stored and also creates a collective memory.

The memory stones are color-coded into six emotive categories:

·      Joy

·      Anger

·      Love

·      Sadness

·      Fear

·      Surprise


This project is both a collective memorial, made complete by thousands of individual memories from people all over the world, and an experience that connects us to our core and to one another.

This is proven to be scientifically beneficial. It improves your efficiency to recall.

It may be spiritually beneficial too. According to my opinion, the memory that comes to our mind at the instant of recollection may a big unforgettable one. It may be a tragedy or a fight where you humiliated someone or had been humiliated by someone. It allows us to regret the inconvenience and you would definitely try to rectify the mistakes on your side.


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