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How To Crack Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Mains?

JEE Mains is a tough nut to crack, we all know. But with the right guidance, use of right books, patience, self-confidence and hard work, anything is possible.

I appeared for JEE 2018 and Believe me when I say this, that 8 sheet paper literally made me figure out what all went right and wrong in my 2 years of preparation.

Starting with Mathematics, 

It is the most reliable subject. If you actually practice the right quantity and quality of questions, I promise, Mathematics will not betray you in the exam. I am no perfectionist but I strongly recommend A Das Gupta for Mathematics preparation. Solve the entire book, every single question and yes, do not forget to use some coaching institute module for more practice because an institute module is actually formed as a collection of the best questions from different books, so they are sometimes really good and useful. So solve a good coaching institute module, A Das Gupta and do not forget to thank me after the exam.

Moving To Chemistry,

Only your coaching institute notes are not going to help, trust me. As we know, there are three parts - Inorganic, Organic and Physical. I will tell you the best way to prepare one by one

Inorganic - Read your NCERTs line by line, word by word and fix all the stuff in your brain. Chapters like S Block, P block, Hydrogen, all these chapters are so scoring if you are thorough with the NCERT. Read the NCERT, Solve intext and Back exercise questions, try to keep all of that in your brain and You are done.

Physical - NCERT is the must! But not enough, refer to some other books as well. P Bahadur is the best in my opinion. But this is a scoring part. Do not fear it.

Organic - Well, of course, NCERT is important but you really need to go through many other books. Dr. Jagdamba Singh is a good book. You can refer any other as well, But a good understanding is needed. Organic in JEE is not a piece of cake.

But trust me when I say this, Chemistry is the most unreliable one amongst the three subjects when it comes to competitive exams.

Lastly, talking about Physics,

My teacher used to say this and I reiterate "Solve NCERT first, it will make you happy."

HC Verma is the best book for physics. Solve it completely. It will make you fall in love with physics. Also, remember one thing, all these books have questions starting from the easiest level and moving to the toughest. So, do not leave the chapters in between. Solve till the last question. If you have lack of time, Solve alternate questions but make sure you solve till the end. Do not just solve the solved examples and think the book is easy. Examples are easy, the subjective assignment is not.

So basically in a nutshell, you need to keep few of these major things in mind.

First, with these above-mentioned books, do solve a coaching institute module. If you have not joined one, buy from OLX.

Second, Do not forget to join a test series. Track of time is something really important when it comes to competitive exams.

Third, Believe in yourself. Do not panic in the examination hall. Day performance is literally everything. Give it like just any other exam and this will be possible only if you are confident enough.

All The Best. Give your best and forget the rest.



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