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How to Manifestation anything you want?

As we all know that manifesting work for other people, but within yourself, you know something is missing that can work for you. The main reason why many people get stuck while on the process of manifestation is they don't really know the steps on how to manifest anything and co-create with the universe.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is an abstract idea of a well-being, it can also be an action, object or an action that embodies something. Sometimes, manifestation can be a sign or symptom of an ailment which disease is manifesting to a human body.

The law of attraction and how can anybody Manifest Anything

The law of attraction is every person's ability to get attracted to other people lives although we focus on something. Regardless of the age, gender religious belief or nationality, we as individuals are all susceptible to the laws which govern the whole universe, and including the law of attraction that literally uses the power of our mind that translate whatever thoughts we have and materialize them into reality.

Anyone can manifest on anything, meaning if your focus is on the negative gloom and doom, you will stay under that cloud. And on the other hand, if you focus on the positive thoughts and you have the goals you wanted to achieve, then you will find a way to make it possible.

That is the very reason why the universe is an infinitely beautiful place, the law of transaction dictates on whatever a mind's eye can think or imagine and take it into action, you will get to where you want to be.

Why manifestation plays an important part in our life?

Manifestation plays an important role to our life by giving us a freedom to decide on whatever we want to do, like for example, a person is manifesting or wanting to buy something maybe like dress, car, or even a house. He/She can decide on its own. Meanwhile, other people can also affect our thinking or direction in life thru manifestation. If you are a kind of a person who's most of the time lonely or you don't know what to do, other people who are born happy and have a direction in life can affect you and so you will get the same mindset of being positive in life.

 Here are some methods on how to manifest on anything

1. Get clear on what you want

If you don't know exactly what you want and you can take a foot forward to make it happen, You must know what exactly you desire to manifest on something, that means you have a specific direction on what you want or need to do. Make sure to detail the features of what you want if its tailor fits for you.

2. Ask the universe

After you made a list of the things you want to do, it's time to ask the universe for what you really want. This method somehow asking a signal. Don't ever leave what you receive up to chance, it is better to ask what you want. Make your request clearer every day by asking the universe.

3. Work toward your goal

As you know, the art of co-creating with the universe is a clear sign of manifestation. By working towards your goal each day, the chances of getting what you want is getting higher. And it's fun! Write down at least 2-3 actions that can get you nearer to your goal and let yourself be inspired by what other people are doing and have done in life.

4. Trust the process

While you're working towards your goal, you may ask yourself if manifesting actually works. There will times that you may get frustrated and discouraged. If you are just relaxing and sitting in the middle of your struggle and thinking if good things are going to happen, then I bet that you are not trusting the whole process. When you are questioning about manifestation, then you are asking the universe for some proof that manifesting doesn't really work. Always remember that the law of attraction obliges by giving you such experiences that may keep you stuck. You have to trust the process to manifest in anything you want

5. Acknowledge what you get and receive it

The universe is most of the time giving us what we wanted and giving us help, though there are times that you easily miss the signs. Especially if that will come in unexpected ways, so start acknowledging and receiving the signs from the universe, and it may give you more of what you want. Make some notes in a diary or alike and write down all the evidence that there has something happen for that day that brings you closer to your goal. An inspirational quote speaking just for you on any social media platform that makes you inspire.

6. Keep your vibration high

The law of attraction clearly states that what you sending out is what you attract. So to attract more of things that you want, you always have to raise your vibration. Vibration serves us a signal of you to the universe by continuously sending it out. Tuning your signal to a worth receiving vibration will make it more possible. Always stay positive and thankful for whatever you are receiving each day. Giving time to yourself for a span of 10 minutes a day of doing something good is making your vibration high. Remember, staying in a bad mood will make your whole day the same, but staying in a good mood and doing something worthy will make your day positive.

7. Clear your resistance

If you are not yet manifested in what you want, it's more likely you are resisting what the universe offers to you. Pain, doubts, anxiety, procrastination, regrets, resentments, and fears are all kinds of resistance. And it's very normal for us humans. When you like there's a conflict coming on your way, all you have to do is acknowledge it and keep yourself reminded to stay positive. Sit down and relax for a while, and let it go. In times that you can't let go of the problems on your own, have someone to talk to and help you through it.

The advantage of starting to manifest anything

A very good sign or advantage of starting to manifest on anything is that you have the goal in whatever you want to get or you want to become. Being ahead of time is a plus because you already have the idea, decision, and actions to make things you wanted possible. This is a part of how to manifest on anything you wanted to be in life.

How can somebody manifest anything?


As human beings, we have our own minds and capability that can make us manifest on anything, but we also have to consider other people's point of view or beliefs. Saying this fact is true because other people may affect our manifestation as well. It can be a negative or a positive attitude. Therefore, all fact in here is true, and this will help you know how to manifest on anything.


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