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Why did Mike Pompeo Visit North Korea?

CIA Director Mike Pompeo visited North Korea two weeks ago where he held a secret meeting with Kim Jong Un.

According to US President Donald Trump, "good relations" were made during the meeting. The news came to light on Tuesday, and US officials have said that preparations for a summit that is all over the world, between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, are taking place much.

Trump said earlier that the negotiations were "at a high level" and are already in line with Pyongyang, but did not provide details. However, the unexpected meeting of Pompeii and Kim is certainly the highest level of the meeting of the two countries since 2000.

What do the US and North Korea want?

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un almost exchanged insults and threats almost last year. The United States also imposed Pyongyang's sanctions on several missile tests, all of which sought additional aggravation, while the US president made it clear that "all the options are on the table".

However, Pyongyang first opened the ticket when he said that denuclearization comes into play but under certain conditions. In the first place, the reduction in volume or the complete suspension of military exercises held by the US each year with South Korea, but Pyongyang could also demand a reduction in sanctions.

On the other hand, the US target is to deny Kim Jong Un nuclear arsenal, but analysts are still skeptical that Pyongyang will agree to complete denuclearization.

What do we know about the meeting?

If a secret meeting took place, he first reported the "Washington Post". The CIA Director was on his way shortly after being nominated for the post of Secretary of State instead of Rex Tyler.

The agency "Reuters" later confirmed that Pompeo visited Pyongyang so that Tramp on Twitter would eventually be appearing.

- Mike Pompeo met Kim Jong Un last week in North Korea. The meeting took place quite smoothly and a good relationship was established. The details of the summit are just being developed. Denuclearization will be a great thing for the world, but also for North Korea - wrote Trump.

Very little is known about the meeting, except that there was talking about preparations for meeting two leaders. According to the British BBC, it is predicted that the US Senate will appoint Pompey in the coming weeks as the main US diplomat.

How do they communicate with Washington and Pyongyang?

The US does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea, although diplomats have previously been visiting. There are also some "backbone channels" used for talks with Pyongyang, BBC reports.

The departure of the CIA Director in North Korea visits at the highest level since Madeleine Albright met Kim's father Kim Jong Il.

The former head of the National Intelligence Service is among the last of the US officials in North Korea. Since 2014, he has been negotiating the release of two US citizens.

When and where will Tramp and Kim meet?

Tramp surprised the international community when it agreed last month to call on Pyongyang to meet with Kim Jong Un. As he said, the summit will be held in early June "if not earlier", and that several locations are being considered for this occasion, none of which is in the United States.

Analysts speculate that leaders could meet in a demolished zone between the two Koreas. On the list are China or some other Asian country, Europe, but also a boat in international waters.

North Korea has been dug out for years, but it has not prevented from carrying out six non-nuclear missile tests that could get to the United States. But the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea in February brought an unexpected opportunity to deal with machinations, and in recent weeks there has been a series of encounters between North Korea and China, and South Korea and the United States.

The news of the visit to Pompei Pyongyang in the shadow of the US talks with Japan, a key ally of Washington in the region. Tokyo feared it could remain on the margins of the negotiations, although Tramp insisted that the two countries were "united on the issue of North Korea." However, analysts point out that Abe's goal is to convince Trump not to give up a strong policy towards Pyongyang. 

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