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Why Africa will be world superpower?

When we think of superpowers what normally pops in our minds is the great European nations like USA, UK, Germany, Russia, and China among other countries, this is mainly due to their current economic position which has proved dominance over the years. The dollar, euro’s, pound are the worlds “accepted” currencies, African currencies are barely mentioned on any global based organization.

It’s ironic to even imagine a continent full of resource could remain one of the poorest continents in the world receiving foreign aid from continents that don’t have as many resources and lesser in terms of size.

The question remains why such a great continent is so “poor?” , Few reasons which are a bit obvious will come into our minds e.g., the continent lacks proper leadership which as a result has led to unnecessary power struggles, many African countries have suffered lethal economic repercussions due to this.

Alternatively many old leaders have made power a personal matter and in an event of any resistance the resisting individuals are tortured and their families alike, the latest seen in Uganda saw 3 East African countries gang up in unity of one of the Ugandan youthful resistant leader who was brutally tortured by the said countries military due to standing against the president way and demanding he steps down after being in power for more than 20 years.

Corruption is Africa’s way of life and this too has contributed to poor or no growth at all in most countries. However, all is not lost and hence I think Africa is the next world superpower herein are 3 major facts to support this statement:

1.     African has the youngest human race all over the world

An average American citizen is 45 years old whereas an average African is 19 years old. This is twice the age of an average American which only leads us to the fact that Africa’s potential is in the now and America and other European countries potential has already been realized hence it can’t improve. If the young African generation will uphold good moral character, desire to succeed and acquire knowledge through education the world will be in for a rude shock.

Labor in other continents has been mechanized which can only be highly motivated due to lack of manpower.

2.     Africa is the richest mineral resource hub

Any mineral resources ever discovered by mankind is found in African countries, Oil, gold, copper, petroleum and any mineral resource that you know is found in at least 2 countries in Africa. If only all African countries would speak in one language and probably form united states of Africa in terms of trade then, all other continents would seize to be superpowers. This, however, will take time but it’s very possible.


3.     Africa is the youngest and fastest-growing continent

Lastly, Africa is the youngest continent in the world compared to all other continent and research has proved that it is the fastest growing continent.

If these observations are anything to go by it can only prove that Africa as a continent, therefore, has fully the potential of dominating the other continents in the social-economic sector.



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