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What happened to women in the Modi government has not happened in three thousand years: Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi in regard to his silence on the incidents of series of  alleged rapes, including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh shelter homes and urged that what is happening against the women in India now under the Modi government is also not being done in India in the last three thousand years.

Gandhi said that his goal is to bring 50 percent women to  lead the Congress party soon in the future course of partys strategy. He said that BJP can not present such an attitude because its "core organization" is RSS and in fact it is a "men's dominant organization". 

In the context of the slogan "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao", Gandhi said that in reality it is "save the daughters from BJP MLAs".

The INC President questioned Modi's silence on the atrocities against women, rapes of girls in sheltered homes in Muzaffarpur,Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. He said, "The prime minister speaks on everything, on a bullet train, on toilets but not on women. Whenever women are oppressed, he intends not to speak a single word being the chowkidaar of the Country.

Gandhi promised to give full support of his party to pass the Women's Reservation Bill. He said that if the Modi government does not come pass the women reservation Bill  then Congress will do it  immediately after coming to power. 

He also talked about the empowerment of women within the Congress and bringing them forward in the organization and giving leadership to the state or country one day. He also promised to include more women in the central units and said, "The country needs them."  

He alleged, "In UP, women were raped butthe Prime Minister did not utter a single word on this. There are rapes of women in Jharkhand and in various states, young girls have been raped in Bihar but our Prime Minister can not say a word on this. "

With a  reference to the Unnao rape case,Rahul further alleged "The Prime Minister does not speak a word. He said that women in the country get out of fear. Gandhi said that whenever he goes abroad and hugs the leaders, he does not have the answer to the question why women in India are not safe.

He said, "We are going to create a place for you in the Congress party. We have to make a special place for women in our party. We have to make space at every level. "Gandhi accuses," RSS and BJP will never show such a view to the nation.

He again alleged , His(PM-MODI) original organization RSS has never allowed any woman to enter the organization. There are other organizations in the BJP, where women are but RSS is a completely male-dominated organization which does not believe in giving women placements. Therefore, they can not do whatever we can. "   



He said that Congress Party will unite and defeat them in the coming days.Gandhi said, "Institutions are being attacked in the country, whether it is parliament, assembly or judiciary. Minorities, women, tribals, small businessmen are being attacked. We will fight the BJP in the coming days and defeat them. "He said," Congress party and the opposition are working together to fight the ideology of the BJP. We are fighting ideological warfare. " 


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