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Jadhav's trial unveiled the sour truth of Pakistan's Newly Elected Government

Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday said that the new government can take a tough decision in the case of alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. He also indicated Jadhav's execution. Qureshi said while addressing the media in Multan, "We will try to move forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The country should be prepared because we are going to take some tough decisions." 

While Indians look happy with sports star turned newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan with the ray of hope to vanish all kind of miss understandings of both the countries and even the govt. of India also expects a positive attitude from Pakistan after Imran Khan sworn in as the Prime Minister.

But the statements put forward by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan unveiled the sour truth of Present Govt. of Pakistan’s hidden intention to kneel down govt. of India’s Stand in the International Court of Justice.

The Foreign minister expressed hope that  Pakistan, in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will win this case, whose hearing will take place in February 2019. Qureshi's comment came on the day after the announcement of Jadhav's trial hearing by ICJ in February 2019.

If Pakistan desired to win Jhadhab’s case , then it does reflect their ill intention to hang an innocent Indian who was abducted from Iran by the ISI and Pak Military against his will and charged him with horrified terror outfit in Pakistan and whom the Military court of Pakistan stood the man as an accused ordered the sentence of death.

They said, "We have solid evidence against Jadhav and we hope we will win in ICJ. We will try to present our arguments effectively before the International Court of Justice." 

Jadhav was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court in April 2017 for espionage, after which India had knocked the ICJ door. The 10-member ICJ bench asked Pakistan not to hang Jadhav till the matter was considered. 

Pakistan said that Jadhav was not an ordinary person, because he had entered the country with the intention of espionage and had done many messy activities in Balochistan. 

India, however, rejected all allegations and in this regard, earlier the Ministry of External Affair has urged,”India has been maintaining that the trial of Jadhav by a military court in Pakistan was "farcical".

According to Pakistani officials, Jadhav was arrested on March 3, 2016, for illegal entry into Pakistan via Iran, while Indian officials say that Jadhav was abducted from Iran and taken to Pakistan against his will and wish.

India has been observing such false cases charged by Pakistan Military time to time since the 1st day of India's Independence. The country which naturally is tagged as the Breeding ground of terrorism across the globe and the country that forcefully occupied the heart of India's Heaven, Kashmir is just trying to teach India, the lesson of anti-national activities.

The government of India put it's all the sources behind this Jhadhab's case in the International Court of justice that has stayed the Military court order of Death Sentence.

Only the time will tell the truth that who is a terrorist and who is an innocent?



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