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Cameroon: PCC authorities caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

After the kidnap of Presbyterian Technical Secondary School Students in Bafut two weeks ago and the brutal shooting of the school principal which led to a temporal shutdown of the school and now the shooting to death of a teacher of Cameroon Protestant College Bali by the military  on Saturday September 15, 2018 plus the arrest and severe molestation of the vice principal of the school, Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) authorities say they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Talking with one of the highly reputable heads of the PCC whose identity we choose to conceal for obvious reasons, he said; The question is asked, why are children not sent to school and parents answer “we are scared”. “Scared of who” is the follow-up question and the answer comes not as bold as the other. Yes, people are scared but are not too sure of who or what they are scared of. He said.

He went on to say “Amba boys say no school, and kidnap and beat up students and teachers who dare to disobey their supreme orders by being so eager to acquire knowledge so as to be enlightened. The military on its part says children should go to school but shoot and kill their teachers and molest their vice principals because they have now branded all English speakers as Ambazonians”.

Military meets you on the road or break into your house, seize your phone, scroll through it and shoot you dead on the spot without any questioning even when you are very harmless without any arms. Should the normal procedure not be arrest and conveyed to the barracks for questioning? He added

He also wondered why the government of Cameroon has been so mute and heartless to the demands of people that the president of the Republic Mr. Paul Biya has not said a single thing on the plight of the Anglophones since the start of the crisis in the North West and South West Regions of the country.

Now we hear that some people are sponsoring counter Ambazonian restorationist groups so as to give the Amba boys a bad name. I cannot say whether it is true or not because the whole thing has been filled with a lot of lies from both sides. It has become a game of do and pin on another’s head. He ended.

Many opinion holders now say “If this government is honest and wants things back to normal, they should act by doing the right thing. In fact, they have been given so many proposals by many people both from within the country and outside the country. Otherwise, they are telling us that they are just pretending I don’t understand why we are still talking of military shooting and killing and molesting teachers” a Bamenda based authority said.  And if Amba boys are truly worried about the safety of our children then they should protect them and not harm them. What is wrong with them going to school? Have they not sacrificed enough for these two years or do we want to render our generation totally useless before we realize how wrong we have been? He wondered.

Educational establishments have remained totally locked down in Boyo, Menchum and Momo divisions of the North West Region of the country since the start of the 2018/2019 school year on September 3, 2018, as more fear has gripped the local population. The frequent clashes between the military and Amba fighters as the restoration fighters are called are not helping things too.


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