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Why God Did Not Answer Our Prayer

        We communicate with God through prayer and we believe God will answer our prayer.  Will, it be yes, no or wait we expect Him to answer.  But there are times that we feel God haven't heard us. We had this fear that He doesn't hear us. Then lots of questions were raised like why God did not answer our prayer?

         We wonder why God is silent and there's no sign or whatsoever.  Is something wrong with our prayer?  Then God made us think and give time to realize that there are reasons why indeed God did not answer our prayer.

         SIN - we forgot to examine ourselves that we made mistakes, we do things that were not according to God's will.  In short, we have an unconfessed sin.  We neglect to ask forgiveness from Him and our prayer life is affected because of this.  We must remember to confess all our wrongdoing to God for every day we commit sin so we need to come to Him asking for forgiveness every day as well.

        DOUBT -    yes we do pray but sometimes we doubt if God will really answer our prayer.  With this, we just show that we don't completely trust Him.  Our faith in God is being shaken.  We need to give our full trust to God and believe that all things are possible to Him.  So stop doubting for you have already prayed.  Leave everything in God's hands.

         Wrong Motives -  Be careful with what you pray or how you pray.  Check your motives for God sees your heart and definitely, He can read your mind.  Nothing is hidden from Him.  He knows everything so be reminded what are your motives in praying.  God will not hear your prayer for having a wrong motive.

         Weak Relationship with God -  we can only communicate with God if we have a relationship with Him.  What I mean on this is we should acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior.  This is then the start of our relationship with God.  He now becomes our Father and we become His children.  We need to maintain a strong relationship with God.

         Resistance to God's will -  we do pray for our concerns but we want Him to answer according to what we want and what we desire.  Even if we feel that this is not what God wants for us we still do things in our own way.  We must be reminded God has His perfect will for us.  It may not be what we want but in the long run, you will see that it is really what you also want for your life to happen.  Continue studying God's word and learn more from it and you will clearly know His plan for you.

         Now that we know what are the reasons why God did not answer our prayer.  I believe this is the right time to examine ourselves and ponder on these questions -  Where are we now in our relationship with God? and How about our prayer time with Him?  How can we improve our prayer life?