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Stick Comic and Language Learning

Stick Comic and Language Learning

Have you, teachers, ever noticed your students make some drawings while you're telling them a story? Maybe you'll get mad and ask him to put the paper away, or you grab, tear and put it in the trash bin. Well, I think that's human nature providing that you're still capable enough to put your emotion under control. Never judge that as breaking rules or being obedient. Instead, dig their competence to do anything related to language learning. You can't fail to strike the iron while it's hot. You, by no means, run out of way designing attractive and living learning-teaching process.

Story Telling

Telling a story, especially a fable, is the most outstanding and communicative way of delivering the message of moral; and students are guaranteed to find it exciting. As a feedback, you can ask them to retell in their own words. Due to no uniformity in the interest of language aspects, you may start with a different thing. Two combined skills of drawing and writing are the most recommended, instead of speaking. Thus, comic writing is the way out.

First Step

This is not always true that a comic must reflect or expose the arts of drawing. If you think so, then you'll never obtain anything from your students' scratch. They might draw meaningless pictures; objects that don't make sense at all in your view. But, do you realize that those all mean everything to them?  Students have their own style, sometimes beyond our imagination. Let's learn to appreciate their work, no matter how we are impressed by them. Let them enjoy their freedom in creating a comic.

Stick Figure

You must have the idea now that everyone can make a comic; without exception to those who claim themselves unable to draw. Start with the simple one. If you don't draw a real human, you can draw a stick human. This is very simple and, to some extent, might charm anyone at the first glance.  Basically, you just draw some lines and a circle. The lines of different length can be combined to shape the human body, and with the circle or oval as the head. Learn to design stick figures in action (running, shouting, etc). Through thorough and close observation of the daily real action, you can make it more live and interesting. Give it a try!


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