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''School Days- A Major Missing''

Life has its own way of making you smile and regret at the same moment.. The things you find a burden today, you are going to miss each and everything in near future.. Trust me the journey of life is beyond words.. 

I still remember the time when the morning alarm was the biggest nightmare,, when going to school was one of the hectic jobs,,, when school activities were so often thought to be useless,, when life was beautiful.. 
And now all those moments are a major missing... Now the morning alarm is not just a nightmare but confines of the struggle to manage life and career simultaneously.. Now there are no useless activities to entertain you but the only valuable task to outshine your career... Now there is nothing like Morning Assembly, No Annual Days and Exhibitions.. 
There is an emotion when you see a school going kid,,, for all the celebrations held during school days.. It's the best period of life when there was a little worry, lots of emotions, a heart filled with innocence... When there were so many people 'to have fun with' and 'to make fun of'... When you don't need to be correct to prove yourself correct... 'Sections Changed' - The heartbreak moment.. When there was immature stubbornness... When intentional unusual acts were the swag.. When to grab the attention of your classmates was the major goal... Bunking class was the necessity.. Those Annual Awards were the lifeline.. When excuses were too many and disappointments were too less... When happiness was damn easy to find... And those result days- the only day when the toppers of the class were recognized (to be honest the average ones were the lifelines)... When appreciation was without any disclaimer... The place where you were taught to celebrate each occasion with the same thrill... Every critical moment was no less than a political issue... To be jealous of your classmates was so common... When the lunch break was less for food, more for fun... When History Books were boring but the history of a newcomer was seemed more interesting... When there was no difference between homework and classwork... Where little happiness gave eternal peace... When being innocent was nowhere an issue... When making memories was the only criteria... When love was about the bonding you shared with your friends and teachers...
And then the day came of farewell and signing off, at that moment there was the dual emotion of parting and getting in... Parting from school and getting into a new life.. But this new life is a disaster itself... There is a happiness(you need to make it out of the worst situations)... There is extreme motivation(your motivation originates from you, nobody cares about it).. There is appreciated beyond words(and those words are rarely expressed)... 
And now the days are small but the 'to do list' is too long,, there are no celebrations only imagination,, on the way to fulfill the ultimate goal in life but of the way of happiness and thrill... 


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