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Sadness comes from pain. The pain may be physical or mental. When something unexpected happens, pain follows that leads to sadness.

Why do we feel sad?

My dear, sadness results from pain. The pain may be physical or mental. When we meet with some accident, we get bruised at several places on our body. The resulting physical pain makes us sad and we begin to regret making mistakes while driving or having been hit intentionally by the vehicles brushing past us or hitting from the front. Anyway, the result is pain and we perhaps are unable to sleep comfortably for nights and begin to feel sad again and again in our state. 

Well, my dear, pain may be mental that comes from unexpected circumstances, a behavior of someone, or not reaching the mark we desired for ourselves. And this very pain results in utter sadness. In serious situations, we tend to think of doing anything, to the point of committing suicide. But my dear, such steps make us an escapist only and we tend to fly away from the realities of life. Life, my dear, is never the same. It keeps changing, we keep changing every moment by thinking about so many things and people around us. Don’t we? Sadness does not continue forever. It is just a phase that may enlighten us to analyze our shortcomings, if there be any, and plan to move ahead with a refreshed mindset. Whatever causes sadness needs to be taken as a challenge and we must analyze the problem objectively for there lies the solution to the problem. Emotions have to be controlled strongly and with a positive dynamic mindset, one must step ahead. And when we accept the challenge and act strongly with a new plan of action, we mostly succeed. And hey, how happy we begin to feel and the disturbing sadness disappears. 

My dear, when we are open-minded, we begin to brainstorm possible solutions to the problems at hand. Let's not allow sentiments getting into our action plan. You have to make a purely objective analysis of the problem for then only you may hope to reach the possible solution. A closed mind never thinks afresh. When solution appears, sadness is gone for some time and when action is taken, resulting in achievement, there is no shadow of sadness around and you cheer up and toss the toast with your friends and your dear ones. 

But, sadness is a strong activator as it makes you restless. Unless you get restless, you never flex your muscles and charge the cells of your brain to wake up to the crisis that has been torturing your soul.

Dear friends, I hope you liked reading my article. Goodbye until I come up with my next piece of writing which will be 'LOVE'.


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