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PRIYA : Story of a girl having dark past

DATE: 13th March 2017

Yes, this is the date when I first met her. She was looking very beautiful and simple. She was coming from tuition. I introduced myself and asked her name, she replied to her name only. I want to ask her many things but I controlled myself. Since this was the first meeting with her so I don't want to make her uncomfortable. So I dropped her home after spending some together. That night I couldn't sleep. I started thinking of that girl, how could she be so simple after facing so many difficulties in her life. I was curious to know all the thing happened to her.

Next day I went to met her but that day she didn't come because of her personal problems. Then I fixed another meeting with her in next week. The next time when I met her I started talking about her hobbies, dreams, studies etc. but she was not interested in telling everything to me. Then I realized why would she tell me everything, I am stranger to her till now. I started to build her trust because I want to help her anyhow. After a few days, she started telling me about her past.

She was born in a middle family. Her father and mother both have jobs. But when she was born her father was very angry at her mother as well as to her. Because he was expecting a boy. He blamed her mother for this girl child. He believed that first child should be a boy so that he would support his family. He was not accepting this child. He started drinking to control his anger. He used to drink and sleep without caring for his wife and child.

Suddenly one day he came back from his office early. He never came back early from office before that day. At home, there was that baby girl with her maternal grandmother. He takes that baby and started talking to her in a very normal way. Her maternal grandmother thought that her father realized his mistake and started caring for her daughter. But her father was so angry at her that he plans something evil for her. He takes her to the well and tried to throw her in the well. But her maternal grandmother saw them and save her with the help of other neighbors.

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