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How to help talent win their dreams

Talent is talent! Why question it? I believe if someone has can sing or rap, you should want to hear them out because you could be missing out on a beautiful thing. There are so many talented people where I live that can sing their face off and rap the action who needs to be heard. People be so stuck on the money when it's about the talent. Some people are so scared to follow their dreams because they get rejected. Rejection is a part of it all but the talent is the key. Some singers; especially girls get overlooked because of certain things the industry expect. Like for example, This industry thinks you have to be a certain weight to win. That's making some female artists insecure. The size of someone shouldn't be the drive, The talent should be the drive. Some people tend to quit their dreams because they have little support and less ambition to corporate with the fact they think they are not good enough for it. I support every singer and rapper. Music is beautiful. Some of the artists signed today don't really have the talent to even be signed to a record label. Record labels say you need a base to get started, but I think that's crazy because they are missing out on unknown artists. Best believe if you come to Texas, you will find so much talent. Period.... If you are afraid of what people think of your talent, keep striving for your dreams because one day they are going to look back and realize what they missed out on. Beautiful Message To All The Talented People Who Have The Talent. They will win their spot regardless. Time is coming for us all to navigate them voices to the music industry. The music industry is different from back in the day. The talent was easily seen but today, it's not. When you hear a beautiful voice, please do take action. I sing and I have a hard gaining attention from people, but I  am not going to quit my dream. I know for a fact I am someone the industry need and want. I am a great Songwriter and a great Singer. Nobody can tell me different. I know what my voice is capable of and I freaking love it!!! I really fell in love with my voice form the age of 15. I used to be insecure about it because some people used to talk down on it but now I really don't care anymore. I have gained a god given voice and I am going to take advantage of it all. I am not going to quit because you dislike it.  I am just going to keep following my dreams and disregard you out because one day you are going to realize what you missed. I can't be worried about that stuff. Negative minds are all about negativity and I will not tolerate that. I can't deal with that nonsense. I am a dreamer and I will pass.


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