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How to be happy and positive in different situations?

Every living thing in this planet want to live happy. In case of human, we put a step forward and want to live happy and positive. Positiveness towards the way of living life. So, is there really any way to be happy and positive?

Let's find out...... 

If I ask you, “Tell me the exact meaning of life, what would be your answer?”

Well, the answers vary from person to person. And, it is because of experience which tells us about the exact definition of life.

Ok. I am going to share my definition of life but I really request to all of you to share your definition for life in the comment box. Please do not take my opinion personally; it is just my own thought which I am sharing with all of you.

My definition of life

I feel, “Life is a way (path), on which every single living being must walk so that it can reach to its destination.”

I heard and read many times that life is a journey, complete it. But the question is “What kind of journey it is?” Where to go?” Why go?” and “Who will lead or follow us?”

One question will arise here. Is there any difference between way and journey?

Let’s take a look at these two topics one-by-one.

1. WAY: A way (or road, or path) can be a lying object or land (concrete or abstract) on which we put our feet one by one to move ahead.

2. JOURNEY: A journey is the mental form of a way. A journey is always in abstract form. We cannot see it but only feel it. For example, if I say “I will start my journey to Agra tomorrow.” it means I have to decide where to go in Agra (whether Taj Mahal or some other forts) and after that search out the route (Road Map or Way Map) and when I will mix up all these things in my mind I will call it a journey.

So, the journey may include everything – Destination, path, helping hands, things we need during our journey, people, relatives, friends etc.

So, if life is a journey then we all should have at least one destination (or goal of life), path (on which we walk towards our destination), helping hands (education, skills, talent), needed things (food, shelter, clothes, earnings, work), people (government, society, law), relatives (parents, siblings, wife, kids, in-laws, guardians) and friends (best friends, time-pass friends, social media friends, neighbors).

The question is: “Do we all have these?” Of course, not. We all lack somewhere or somehow. So, what to do? We have been sent to the world to complete our journey. How can we do that? If you are treating your life as a journey you have to walk with all these things.

Now, If we see our life as a way, what could we do?

First, we do not need to decide our destiny. Why? Because there is only one destination which is already decided by nature for all living and non-living things.

And, what it would be? (Kindly leave your comment.)

It is satisfaction or happiness or peace of mind. We can call it anything which makes us feel comfortable, relax and calm. Isn’t it?

So, try to feel comfortable with anything you are doing e.g. job, business, study, marriage etc. I know there are some circumstances which make us feel bad or uncomfortable, but these are the tools of our life which create experiences for our future. It is totally up to us that how do we react on these circumstances.

See you in the next article, till then, be happy and be positive.

Thank you.


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