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God! Please Ensure Wins in all Games of Chess Further

        We all know well about YouTube, it is connected to almost everybody around the globe. From kids to kings it is friend of all, and has something for everybody. It understands our needs and suggests us to go through items matching our needs and choice. It remembers our previous interest, and we find things arranged in our way accordingly. It is an example of management of Things including of People, their Thoughts, Needs, and Interests.

        We naturally have lots of expectations, and we are definitely trapped within a virtual net of those millions of wishes. Why do we pray God? We make prayers to fulfill some of our wishes, which may be often quite amazing, is expected to be fulfilled by God by some movement of his Palm or Magical Stick. But here it must be clear if it is really possible.

        I decided and planned to check the power of prayers. I like to play Chess with Computer and sometimes on my Smartphone.  It is really a very challenging game, and often it becomes quite difficult to secure a win or just a draw. I decided to find out if God's blessings are able to change the results. I believe in God, and recite different Sanskrit Shlokas daily morning after bath. It definitely generates lots of Satisfaction and Piece of Mind in me. But I never asked him to do or arrange anything for myself. While now I am daring to test the Power of God.

        After regular prayers, I added a new payer at the end of the Shlokas, “God! Please ensure wins in all games of Chess further.

        I have heard from the people of God, that God knows everything, and hears everybody, but he takes his time to react according to his priorities, therefore we must not lose our faith, and continue our prayers. God will definitely pour his favor when the time comes. I followed the same and continued my prayers for a week.

        On the first day of the new week, I decided to check and verify the results. I tried a few Chess games on, a great platform for worldwide chess players. My points before the new game were 1248. I targeted to maintain 1300 and started playing online. But surprisingly I started losing games against lower ranking players, and soon came below 1200.

        I have been better against players ranking above 1300 too. What actually happened? Good game with the power of blessings must be resulting into better performance. I thought, maybe I could not collect enough power of blessing, and definitely I need some more. I continued the same prayer for one more week and repeated the same process on the first day of next week. More surprisingly now I am on 1030.

        I still didn’t lose my faith but tried to analyze things. Games improve with practice, while blessings improve with prayers. In God’s faith I continued praying but forgot practicing properly, and expertise in game decreased accordingly. Maybe God has poured lots of blessings over me, but did I practice well? Due to the lack of effort overall sums of expertise and blessing became lower in comparison to other players, and I started losing games.

        So what matters here? It is a well-known proverb, that work is worship, and work is definitely our effort. If we ask God for a glass of water, he is nowhere coming with a glass of water. We have to take a glass ourselves, and then collect water from some source of drinking water. We need to maintain a balance in between our efforts and prayers. YouTube here is an example of Smart Management of Data including of People, their Thoughts, Needs, and Interests. Similarly, if we learn to manage our Thoughts, Needs, and Interests including Efforts, and perform accordingly, we will definitely be able to manage a winner’s performance in all walks of life.


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