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David And Goliath - A Young Hero

Possibly the most well known to children is the story of David and Goliath.  Younger people can relate to David, because he too was young, and called upon to do a mighty task for God.  He was not afraid, because he knew God was with him all the way.


No matter how much his decision was ridiculed and mocked, he carried through with God’s will.  David knew that God was his strength, and would overthrow the enemy.


This story tells us that we all could be called to do a great task.  Our age doesn’t matter at all.  If God has a chore for us to do, we must obey.   If He chooses us for a task, we are not to worry or doubt, but immediately obey His word.  He will take us through anything He puts before us.


I was honored beyond measure to do God’s will with the Bible Heroes Collection He instructed me to write.  Here is the next entry: David and Goliath.



David was the youngest of eight sons

Three of his brothers were now grown

The brothers followed Saul, Israel’s king

David wasn’t old enough, yet just a teen


He tended sheep, and errands he ran

But sadly, was not considered a man

Obeying his father, David had come

To bring provisions for the older sons


The brothers were all ready to fight

All the enemies of the Israelites

On this mountain, looking below

The enemy waits to strike their foe


Two tall mountains with a valley between

On one was Israel; on the other, Philistines

For their best warrior, the Philistines called

His name was Goliath, over nine feet tall!


Goliath wore armor to prevent death

The helmet was brass upon his head

The coat weighed over 100 pounds

Most men couldn’t even carry it around.


From head to foot, he had a shield

Lance nor spear could wound nor kill

For forty days, he walked out to dare

That no Israelite would fight him there


Every day, asking the Israelites

“Why are you not coming to fight?

You are all just standing around,

Pick your best man, send him down”


Saul and his people were dismayed

Some of them fled; they were afraid

David heard Goliath and all his shouts

He volunteered to go bravely out.


The men told David, “It can’t be done

For this man is bigger than anyone”

David said, “I’ll go where he trods

He has defied us and the living God!”


His oldest brother was angry with him

And yelled at David ahead of the men

“You only came here to see a fight,

I know your heart and your pride”


Saul said “David, you’re but a youth,

This giant warrior will destroy you”

David said, “By him, let no man die

God will deliver me, him I will fight.


For a lion and a bear, I have slain

And took a lamb back home again

My Lord who delivered me from those

Will deliver me from another foe”


To let David go, Saul then agreed

But insisted on armor he would need

Armor, helmet, sword and shield

They told him to wear in the field


The armor was heavy, he declined

He did not want to feel confined

David knew God was on his side

He knew everything God will provide.


Five stones in a bag, staff in his hand

David walked toward the mighty man

Goliath scorned and cursed the lad

But David knew the strength God had.


“You come at me with spears and shield

With me is God, and you will be killed

For He is the great one you have defied,

And for that reason, you’ll surely die!”


“The Lord will deliver you into my hand

So all will know across this land

There is a God, and He will save

Not by sword, but love and grace”


Then from the bag, he took out a stone

David was small, but he was never alone

David flung the stone at Goliath that day

Hit on the forehead, he fell on his face


With Goliath’s sword, David took his head

All the Philistines were so scared, they fled

Israelites followed, chased them all away

With God, all battles can be won by faith.


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