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Bible Heroes: Daniel In The Lions' Den

Much can be learned from Daniel.  He prayed as God instructed, in the morning, noon, and night.  Nothing could interrupt Daniel’s prayers, for he was truly a man of God.  In today’s society, this exact occurrence might be played out.

When King Darius chose Daniel to be the leader of some men, the men in question found disapproval in the fact, because Daniel was a Jew.  As they schemed to get rid of Daniel, they didn’t know what power was encompassed in the prayers of Daniel.  They also had not known of the wrath of God.  They soon learned the hard way, that there is but one Son Of God.


King Darius of Babylon chose some men.

Daniel, a Jew, was the leader of them.

King Darius found favor in Daniel’s sight.

His men hated Daniel with all their might.


The men decided to create a plan

To make King Darius get rid of old Dan

Daniel worshiped God, and always prayed

So the men found proof of this one day.


They urged Darius to make a decree

Forbidding worship of anyone but he

Anyone caught disobeying this tenet

In the lion’s den will be their last minutes


The men watched Daniel; soon they found

He was praying to God, kneeling down

They quickly reported what they had seen

Darius, with regret, enforced the decree


He sadly ordered Daniel put in the den

The ravenous lions were awaiting him

The wicked men were happy and gay

Daniel will be gone, they got their way!


Darius spoke to Daniel, and said to him,

“Your God will deliver you from the den.”

In the night, Darius could not be still

Not quite sure of God’s power and skill.


Darius all night had not slept or ate

He was afraid to hear Daniel’s fate.

He would check early on his friend

At the mercy of death in the lion’s den


Darius went early to the lions’ den

Yelled the name of Daniel his friend

When Daniel answered, Darius knew

God had saved this faithful Jew.


The wicked men who planned this scheme

Were punished cruelly by Darius the King

The men, the wives, and the children of them

Were immediately tossed into the lions’ den


Darius then declared for all who would hear

“The God of Daniel is to be greatly feared

He delivers from the lions’ den

His dominion shall be even unto the end.”


King Darius learned an important lesson.  God used this as an example for many people.  Even though Daniel was  friend of Darius, he would not honor the decree handed down by Darius.  He refused to kneel and serve any other God.  Daniel knew that there was but one true God.


By going into the lions' den with no fear, Daniel showed his faith in God.  He knew that his God would deliver him from the lions. King Darius was so very worried, he did not eat or sleep all night, but Daniel had no fear; he knew God was with him.


This story is another excellent example of the scripture 1John 4:4   Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

 Throughout the Bible, we find stories of faith and answered prayers.  We know of God's power, and still we doubt.  Would that all of us could be like Daniel, to never give in, nor never give up.


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