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Bible Heroes - Stephen And The Angry Jews

How strong is your faith?  How determined are you to stand up for Jesus?  Would you ever deny our Lord?  How long could you endure being persecuted in the name of God?  Are you love for God bigger than any love in your life?  Would you die for God, as His son died for you?


These questions were readily answered by a man named Stephen so many years ago.  He was persecuted and ridiculed because he taught that all people could be saved, and delivered from hell’s fire.  Many of the Jews were angry because they thought salvation was only for them.  As Stephen preached of salvation for all who would believe in God, the crowd of angry Jews became irate.  They planned and schemed to have Stephen put to death.


The first man to be stoned to death for being a true believer in Jesus Christ was a man named Stephen.  This poem of Stephen is the next entry into the Bible Heroes collection that I wrote.





A church in Jerusalem, people gave freely

To the widows, the less fortunate, and needy

Their time was taken delivering donations

No time was left to deliver an education


The apostles agreed, to select seven men

Who are spirit filled, and talk against sin

One man was special out of the seven:

He gave the gifts, and still talked of Heaven.


Preached so strong, they could feel God’s power

If he talked of brimstone, they felt the fire!

Stephen knew salvation was not only for Jews

All believing in God could be saved too


Stephen preached of God’s love so well

And that “Gentiles” could be saved from hell

This infuriated some Jews in the church

To complete their evil, they did the absurd


They called many who agreed to lie

And talk against Stephen; they testified

These people lying; they already knew

Of Ananias, and the lot that he drew


He had lied, and was quickly struck dead

They hoped Stephen would pay that debt

They convinced men of Stephen’s false sin

But God in Heaven Judges all men


They brought Stephen to the counsel of men

To answer the charges they placed on him

The priest asked, “Are these things so?”

With spirit filled valor, Stephen then spoke


“You people of hard hearts, I’m here to say

You’ve turned your back on all God’s ways

Through generations starting with Abraham,

There is but one God, the Great I Am!


God has sent blessings time and again

You turned your backs, oh foolish men!”

These accusations, although they were true

Were not received well by the Irate Jews


They ran toward Stephen as starving beasts

They gnashed at him with their nails and teeth

Stephen then looked at Heaven and said,

 “Jesus is not sitting, but He’s standing instead”


 The Jews heard this; they covered their ears

Hearing this filled them with anger and fears

For they knew two reasons Jesus would stand

To plea, or either to judge people of the land


They dragged Stephen from the counsel room

They took him outside to finish his doom

As they stoned him, Stephen just prayed,

“Receive my spirit, Oh Lord this day”


Last words of Stephen were for these men,

“Oh Lord hold not this sin against them.”

The stoning continued until Stephen died

The first man to be slain for Jesus Christ





Amid all the pain and heartache, Stephen thought of others.  His prayer was for the men who brought him to such doom.  He died a very honorable but tragic death.  In his vision, he saw Jesus standing.  Could Jesus have been standing to accept him home?  Could Jesus have been standing in protest of the stoning of Stephen? Could Jesus have been standing to bring judgment against the angry Jews?



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