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Bible Heroes - Queen Esther

 One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible reveals a heroine called Esther.  She became the queen because she was so beautiful.  From many available “brides”, the king chose her for her magnificent beauty. 


This story takes place in the days when King Ahasuerus ruled over the land.  The king had sent for his queen to come to his side, and she denied him.  The king was so cross with her, and decreed that no woman should ever disobey her husband.  Also, he decreed that all available beautiful girls in the land be brought to him to choose another queen.


Read the story now, of how Esther saved all her people, and why she is declared the next heroine in this Bible Heroes Collection that I have written.




Esther was an orphan; her parents died

Raised by a cousin named Mordecai

They were Jewish but no one knew

Many people then did not like Jews


During this time, parties were great

Food and wine, all lasting for days

Dishes of gold, all one of a kind

Silks, satins, the best they could find.


King Ahasuerus was proud of himself,

Liked to show off his riches and wealth

The king had a feast lasting many weeks

The best of breads, meats, wine, and cheese


After some days, and merry with wine,

Sent for Queen Vashti, his lovely wife

She had a beauty he wanted to show

He was Irate when she refused to go


To the King, all his wise men were called

For they were all very wise in the the law

“What can be done of Queen Vashti?

 I bade her come; and she refused me”


“Oh King, she has also done wrong

To all the men beneath the throne

We must send decrees to all the names

To prevent other ladies doing the same”


“Furthermore, mighty King of ours,

It is well within your high powers

For all the fair virgins to be seen

So you may pick another queen.”


So a decree went out to all the lands

That all women should obey their man

Whatever requests might be from him

She will always honor, and obey them


Fair young virgins gathered for the king

Hopeful that one might be the new queen

Esther the Jew was among all of these

She remained silent, and obeyed the decree.


The virgins were brought to the palace there

And given gifts, and new clothes to wear

For one year, they were groomed and trained

So they would know how a queen must reign.


Mordecai was concerned, and very afraid

He nervously walked by the palace each day

If the palace finds out that Esther’s a Jew

He was terrified of what they might do.


Each virgin was presented one at a time

For the king to approve, or to decline

When beautiful Esther came before the king

He knew instantly she was the new queen.


As Mordecai was sitting at the king’s gate

He heard two men speaking with hate

They wanted to do harm or kill the king

Mordecai told this to his cousin the queen.


She told the king of the planned evil deed

The men were both hanged high on a tree

Haman was the king’s second in command

People bowed to him, over all the land.


Now Mordecai did not revere nor bow

Each time he saw Haman walking about

He served only one God, for he was a Jew

He did not obey what Haman said do.


Haman was filled with   rage and hate

 Because Mordecai did not obey

 His scorn was great against Mordecai,

 And he vowed then and there to take his life!


Haman discovered Mordecai was a Jew

He thought of a very evil thing to do

It was his arrangement then to include

 In all the kingdoms, to kill all the Jews


 So Haman could get the king to agree,

He proposed to the king another decree,

 “Some people in your kingdom, do not obey

 Your laws, & rules oh king, they must pay”



He didn’t tell the king he was after the Jews

He feared this order, the king would refuse

The king thought that Haman was right,

The king gave approval for the plight.


So letters were written by Haman’s command

These letters went throughout all the lands

On a certain day, as the commandment told,

All Jews will be killed, the young, and the old


Haman offered riches to all who would kill

The destruction of all Jews was Haman’s will

Over all the lands, the Jews prayed and wept

Hoping their God would send some help.


A friend of Mordecai found the decree

And brought it to Mordecai, so he could see

Mordecai soon gave Queen Esther the post

He knew that the queen could help the most.


She had a message delivered to the Jews

“Fast for three days, the same I will do

I’ll try to get the King to listen to me

To put a stop to this terrible decree”


Meanwhile, troubled, king ordered the books

All the records, so he could have a look

It was written there, it was the Jew Mordecai

Who reported the two men, saved the kings life.


The time was gone, but the king still asked,

How was this man privileged for that?

He should be honored with high tribute

This man is Mordecai, Mordecai the Jew.”


Haman told the king no action was made

To honor the man who sat at the gate

The king ordered a fine robe and crown

To honor Mordecai the Jew from town


Haman was furious, complained to his wife

“I must honor this Jew, I can’t end his life”

The wife and friends began to say.

“Build a gallows; hang him after today”



Now Esther was a most incredible queen

Standing in the hallway so she could be seen

The king found favor, and bade her to come

The Jews had but one hope; she was that one!


The king asked Esther, “What is your desire?

The answer is yes, if it is in my power”

Esther said the king and Haman are invited

To a dinner she prepared Haman was excited


Haman boasted to all the people he knew

Of the banquet the queen invited him to

“Aside from the king, I’m the only guest”

He will be shocked at Queen Esther’s request.


At the banquet again the king asked his wife

“Queen Esther tell me your wishes in life

For I will honor any request that you make

Your request will be granted on this very day.”


“Oh king, if I have favor in thy sight,

My petition is to grant me my life”

For it is ordered that my people and I

To be slain all together, surely to die”


“Who and where is such an evil man

Who would carry out this ghastly plan?”

“It is wicked Haman”, replied the queen.

Haman then trembled before the king.


The king was told of the gallows so high

So Haman could hang the Jew Mordecai

On the gallows, a man did hang until dead,

It wasn’t Mordecai, but Haman instead!!


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