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Bible Heroes - Gideon The Hero

This story is about a man who was a very unlikely hero, and one who would not have volunteered for any heroic actions.  God knew that Gideon would make a great hero, and therefore called him to do a very important task.  


Gideon protested the honor and declared that he was not a big man, nor a brave man.  He thought God should choose another man for the hero.  Gideon even asked an angel for a sign, to let him know of God’s plan for him to win the battle.   When the angel revealed the signs to him, Gideon reluctantly accepted the role.


Of course, Gideon had to see that God was doing the heroic work, therefore, he was sent into battle with very few men.  This would also serve another purpose for God; He wanted the adversary to know that it was He who conquered them, and not Gideon alone.  With trumpets and lamps, the Israelites were rescued again.


Gideon is the next entry into the Bible Heroes Collection that I have written.



Israel did evil in the Lord’s sight

He handed them over to Midianites

Midian was over them for seven years

The children of Israel suffered much fear


Because of the suffering, the Israelites

Fled to the dens and the caves to hide

Amalekites and more from the east

Took from Israel the food, ox and sheep


Outnumbered, deprived, left in pain

The Israel wept to the Lord again

God sent a prophet for them to hear

The prophet stated the message clear:


“The God of Israel has delivered you

“From oppression and tyranny too

I’ve given you land and food to eat

And now my children have disobeyed me.”


Now Israelite Gideon, his name was called

Was chosen by an angel to deliver them all

Gideon was confused, he asked God how

Saying, “I am the smallest in my house.”


The Lord said, “Go in with all your might,

And you will defeat the Midianites

“Mighty man of valor” the angel said

With you, the enemy will all be dead”


Gideon asked the angel for a sign

That God had chosen him at this time

Gideon said, “I pray that you wait

I’ll bring a gift back to this place”


Gideon brought meat, bread, and broth

The angel made fire come out of the rock

The fire consumed the bread and meat

The broth was poured out by his feet


Gideon was afraid that he would die

Because he saw an angel eye to eye

“Peace be with you, to die you will not”

Gideon then built an alter unto God


Now some people during that reign

Worshiped a god; “Baal” his name

This fertility god, some people obeyed

Even built an alter, so they could pray


God said to Gideon, His chosen man

“Destroy the alter on your fathers’ land

It must be gone, nothing left around

The grove beside it cut it all down.”


“Build ye another, on the same ground

For I am the only God, the great I AM”

Just as God told him, Gideon obeyed

Put a burnt offering on the alter he made


Many were angry about Gideon’s deed

The Midianites with children of the east

The Amalekites joined them as well

They wanted to defeat all of Israel.


God told Gideon to gather some men

He’d put the enemy in Gideon’s hands

Gideon was doubtful, and asked for a sign

Then Gideon asked yet a second time


The second sign gave Gideon might

Started gathering men that very night

He got some men, the weak, and strong

God said, “Too many, send some home”


Only ten thousand men remained,

God said he must decrease again

God then made the decision Himself

Until only three hundred men were left


With three hundred men God was pleased

And gave instructions for them to proceed

With their provisions and trumpets in hand

These men were ready to claim the land


The Lord told Gideon to go to their site

And listen to whispers of the Midianites

In the night, Gideon and servant went

And listened closely outside the tents


He heard of a dream the Midianite had

Then what it meant; Gideon was glad

Knowing the enemy was afraid of him

Gave strength to Gideon and to his men


In hand, each man had a burning lamp

Covered with a pitcher outside the camp

When they reached their spot they were told

To break the pitcher, so the lamp would glow’


In the right hand the trumpet, they blew

Whatever Gideon did; they should also do

With God on their side, they surely would win

And rescue Israel for God yet again.


Three hundred lamps around them glowing,

Three hundred trumpets around them blowing

Fear overtook the enemy all about

As they heard the trumpeters shout,


“The sword of the Lord, and Gideon too”

Each on his fellow, ran his sword through

They were defeated, and ran from the camp

Beaten by trumpets, and three hundred lamps



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