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A Pregnant Goat gang Raped by 8 Uncivilized: Mewat District of Haryana

In an astonishing case of gang rape with a GOAT by eight people, PETA( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ) demands at the local police to lodge this inhuman heinous crime classifying it as the rarest of the rare case. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)  even urged that if the local police don't categorize the case as the rarest of the rare case, then the matter will be appealed in the upper court.

A motive behind this demand of PETA was also justified by a concerned official that the victim of this gang rape, the Goat was pregnant for 50 weeks and unprecedently all the children inside her also were informed dead post gang rape. Therefore the Animal welfare organization demanded such special provision of the rarest of the rare case be assigned by the local police on this Animal Gangrape.

According to PETA India Emergency Response Coordinator Mr.  Meet Ashhar, the Goat owner Alsup had filed a complaint in the Nagina police station of Mewat district of Haryana on July 25 that eight people have committed gangrape with his Pregnant Goat.

 The local police had earlier assumed this incident as normal but later on, when the matter was brought to the notice of Nahan Superintendent of Police Najinin Bhasin, he filed a case under section 377 and 429 of the IPC.

Apart from this, some sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act -1960 were also added. Local investigating police team as per the order of Higher authorities also has sent the Vaginl and Anal part of the deceased Goat to the Forensic lab.

SP Bhasin says that they are investigating this matter with complete sympathy against the inhuman cruelty by some uncivilized people. He further urged that the evidence all they have, the testimony and the eyewitnesses of this case and consequently all these shall be added with linking all the episode of this case.

The local Police are eagerly waiting for the forensic report in regard to the said gang rape to this unfortunate Goat after which the local police can able to arrest all the accused of the further investigation into the matter.

If the Prima facie proved, the fine only will be INR 50/- as per the existing law of India in regard to Cruelty against an animal.

Mr. Ashar of PETA says that Section 377 of the IPC has a maximum punishment of 10 years. However, this sentence is also given when every evidence is against the accused. On the other hand, the India Prevention of Animal Cruelty Act, 1960, which has now become completely irrelevant. Under this act, if someone has deliberately killed the animal and it is his first offense, then he is fined only fifty rupees. 

In the case of goat, PETA is going to go to the High Court and the Supreme Court for the life imprisonment for the accused. 



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