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The strangers to the world, the valley of animists, Kalasha Valley

Are you looking forward to some rare and beautiful locations? Do visit this unknown civilization not only have unique culture but also surrounded with beautiful sceneries and attractive peoples. Kalasha Valley or Kalash Valley, located in district Chitral of Pakistan, with a small population of 9000 in 2003.

This is one of the existing anomalous civilization. It consists of exceptionally beautiful three main valleys: Bumburet, Rumbur, and Biriu. These three valleys are full of greenery and natural beauty. All the villages of Kalash are at the height of 1900m to 2200m. This region is very fertile and good for crops of wheat and maize and also famous for dry fruits of all kinds.

They are the ethnic majority of Pakistan, having polytheist faith, believe in one god called Dezau.Their religion also similar to Nuristan’s of northeast Afghanistan. They never try to mix up with the local Muslim majority but they are also not hostile towards them. Kalash peoples are peace loving and having very kind nature. Their religion is full of festivals. Main festivals are Chilam Joshi, Uchau, and Caumus. In the festival of Joshi, they please their god by offering milk which they gather in seven days. They are superstitious. As they have no holy book so they have different stories about their god.

Death rituals in Kalash valley are more costly and full of happiness than any other festival, the reason behind this is that they love to meet their god. They buried their dead bodies by spending a lot of money on food, traditional music, and their cultural unusual dances. The dead body is placed in the open grave with the food, their things of daily usage and jewelry that they love the most.

Another famous festival is Badulak (Badulak means Shephard King) in which a prepubescent boy is sent up towards the mountain to live with goats till summer and supposed to get fat and enough strong with goat milk.

The weddings of Kalasha valley also done in a dramatic way, especially the selection of bride is done in a very unusual way, contrary to the local majority. They use to celebrate the birth of their babies with great joy by buying expensive gifts for the whole maternal family. 

Kalash women use to wear hand stitched black colored frocks having beautiful work of stone, threads, and beads. Their girls use to wear handmade special caps with beautiful embroidery on their heads. Women equally participate in festivals and rituals. Men use to wear Shalwar Kameez. Small boys used to wear traditional dresses but after the age of four, they use to wear Shalwar Kameez as their elder use to wear.

Kalash valley people were found to have chunks of DNA of the ancient European population, possibly they are from the army of Alexander the Great.

This blond hair and blue eyed Dardic indigenous peoples reside in the beautiful location with happiness and harmony. They are in process of evolution. Although they are a minority and live in form of tribes, they are in legal security from the government of Pakistan. 

This strange and unique civilization is in danger of extinction.


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