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Private Schools: What are the Benefits from Them

Instead of the nearest elementary school, some parents of future champions choose to enroll their children in private schools. Every year there are several new schools that offer different programs and benefits for students.

Katherine is the mother of a seven-year-old boy. After a brief consideration, her husband and her son decided to enroll their son in a private elementary school.

They chose the school according to the recommendation, and they answered that the classes are small and the tuition fee is not too expensive.

"It seems to me that education in state schools is a burden for the needs of the modern world," says this mother who is just finishing a doctorate in psychology.

In the USA, there are so many private primary schools available, that parents have the ability to choose from. All these schools follow the official educational program, and the Ministry of Education supervises their work.

Any private or legal entity may establish an educational institution if it has secured funds in the amount necessary for one year of work, prescribed space and equipment, employed teachers and technical and hygienic conditions. Also, the founder of the institution cannot be a convicted person, says the Ministry of Education.

Foreign diplomas

Some private schools offer the possibility of attending classes in another language and obtaining a degree that will be recognized worldwide.

"Experience has shown that these programs are fantastic, extremely demanding, ending with passing exams, which are comprehensive".

Their program implies learning through research, getting to know the concepts and ways in which they relate to each other, and the integration of knowledge across different areas. Within the class, students are re-divided into groups depending on the subjects they learn.

Despite the better conditions offered by private schools, many employees in education consider that further privatization is not the best solution for everyone.

There are some people who think that private education has more drawbacks than positive sides.

They believe that private schools are somewhat in favor of freedom in terms of plans and programs and the ability of teachers to be creative, but that does not contribute to the improvement of education as a whole.

The USA has can become a country with quality education backgrounds.
It is certain that more investments lead to better education, but most of it does not benefit most. The proof is that private kindergartens, with more interesting programs, have higher prices, but that many parents, besides available subsidies, cannot afford this type of child care.

Who are students in private schools

Tom next year will enroll his daughter in the first grade. He suggests that he did not think about private schools, but that he noticed that many in his environment were considering this choice.

"It seems to me that kids are coming here and that nobody ever got a poor grade there because they had to pay tuition," he says.

And Anna admits she was afraid that the school she chose for her son would resist the pressure of her parents. The school owner disappointed her with the assertion that her parents, who expected their children to be automatically excellent students, were suggested to find another school.

Private schools tend to use more creative methods in teaching

"It often happens that parents expect a 'product' for the money they have given. There are no private schools with a reputation that guarantees quality.

The parent's pressure stems from the misunderstanding of the type of program and the way this school works.

"We can be independent to a greater extent than state schools, we have external standards, we do not take exams, but an external organization. We are not in a position to give grades to students, "says a teacher of a private school.

Most of the students in this school are USA citizens, among them also those who started their education abroad.

However, after completing grammar school, few students continue their studies in the USA. Most of their students are studying at universities in England, the Netherlands, and Italy.

Why is public education important?

In addition to quality issues, most parents have a major problem in tuition fees. The tuition fee for the first grade in elementary school can be 6,499 dollars, while the first grade in the gymnasium costs 10,500 dollars.

A higher degree of privatization in the field of education can harm society in the long run.

So, it is up to you to make a decision on whether to choose private education for your children or to choose public schools. There is certainly a huge difference between these two types of schools and both offer different types of benefits. One just needs to consider what works for them better. The important thing is for the child to get a proper education and develop into a healthy individual.