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Article writing has become very popular and presents one of the easiest and most readily available ways of making money online in Kenya. As a matter of fact, article writing can be completed offline with minimal requirement for internet connectivity. Although many people are already making substantial money writing articles, only a few have fully mastered the technique. There are various things to learn about articles and how maximum profits can be made. For seasoned writers, income can be earned even without doing the actual writing. Unemployed beginners can, however, start with writing before opening accounts and managing their own writers.

Academic writing is not any different from articles. When articles are written, it is often for websites, blogs, resource databases, product descriptions, how-to information and promotions/marketing campaigns. A review of a mobile phone, for instance, is an article. This piece you are reading right now is also an example of an article. With academic writing, it is all about writing content related to some field of skills. You may be writing an essay, memo, journal, official letters and professional CV, proposal, report, and research presentations among related pieces. Some campus students, for example, hire academic writers to do their take-away assignments for them. The difficulty of writing academic material depends on the field/topic and level. Post-graduate assignments may be quite difficult for amateur writers. Some also require much revision and reading through resources (which are often provided by the client). However, the requirements are still basic and you only need to choose topics which are easier for you.


What is the article and academic writing?

A lot of the content available on websites and other online resource platforms are articles. As a matter of fact, almost every site you visit on the internet contains an article. From the home page where you land after searching a site, to product descriptions, reviews, recipes, adverts, how-to resources, DIYs and other content, articles are everywhere on the internet. They are basically optimized content that includes targeted keywords and messages. Article writing, therefore, refers to producing original content for various types of websites. You use the internet to quickly research the topic (10 – 20 minutes is enough) and then reproduce with your own unique flow. It is like reading this page and then creating another article about the article and academic writing with a different tone, flow, and style. Academic writing is the same although researching may take longer since it is specific information related to a particular field. They can also be school assignments which require going through some resources and attachments before coming up with content. Academic writing pays better than articles and requires a good command of the English language as well as quick comprehension in different fields. Writing a school project or proposal is a good example of academic writing at work.


How can I write in Kenya?

There are already many writing companies and programs available for Kenyans and the rest of the world. Finding a good company to write for should not be an overwhelming task. However, getting paid well requires keen consideration of a number of factors. Different companies and clients pay differently and some tend to be exploitative. To write in Kenya, consider platforms like;

Smile Valley





There are several other marketplaces for finding an article and academic writing opportunities. Once registered with any of the abovementioned platforms, you can immediately begin writing articles and academic work for specified fees. You can earn more if your work is impressive. 

You can also build a writing portfolio and create an online presence in social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to attract clients. With such platforms, clients pay directly for the written articles and their wages are often better since third-party expenses for finding article requests is eliminated. However, you can still work under someone else who has an account with a content writing marketplace. Such middlemen find content to write and pay you for all completed accepted articles. This is a common route for first-time writers in Kenya.


Writing requirements and skills

There is a minimal requirement for interested writers and the skills needed to produce high-quality content (like the one you are currently reading) are quite basic. You only need a personal computer (PC) or laptop and a smartphone that can quickly connect to the internet. The skills needed include the ability to type fast (finishing 500 words within 2 and half hours) and command for the English language (write the good grammar that can be read and understood). Remember, article writing is all about producing content for sites while academic is required for students and scholars. Staying relevant to the topics and instructions is therefore paramount to getting your work accepted. The main challenges new writers face is with regards to speed and English proficiency. Most of the articles are for foreign countries like US, UK, Australia, Singapore and Canada among other English speaking nations. You can also find articles for Kenyan websites. If you are good for instance, I would be happy to pay you for writing some few articles for my site when I am held up. A sample article could be a review of a service, promoting a company, writing explanations and descriptions. Simply Google the topic, find relevant information, read through and write the article according to instructions given in the request.


How much can I earn? 

Clients pay different remunerations for each article depending on its difficulty and most commonly its length. Articles can be any number of words or pages including 100 words, 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000, 1500 or even 2000+ words. Some are friendly tone while others are professional or academic tone. Writers can earn anything from Ksh 200 per article to Ksh 5000+. The more articles you write the more money you earn. Some novice writers make up to Ksh 2000 a day although this requires fast typing speed and quick research. Articles do not need much research as you are compiling ideas from other sites and producing original content using your own words. Academic writing can fetch up to Ksh 8000+ per project and this can be completed in less than 40 hours. Once you know what to do, the rest is easy and making money online will soon become your hobby. The only problem is sitting down and doing the actual writing. Unlike other jobs, you earn nothing without writing and must, therefore, aim at writing more articles. If you can do 5 articles per day of 1000 words each, you can earn anything from Ksh 1200 – Ksh 3000 on articles and this takes lesser effort than your conventional 9-5 jobs.


Where to start as a writer

If you are interested in making money as a writer in Kenya, you need not look further. Reading this piece is the first step that will expose you to viable marketplace and opportunities. If you do not wish to write, you can still create a professional account and profile then look for other writers who will complete the assignments and you take a small profit from their earnings. One major challenge as before mentioned is writing a high-quality grammar. Because clients are native English speakers, they expect nothing less than perfect flow. In order to brush up your English, grammar, sentence construction, creativity with words, vocabulary and proofreading, take time to read through books on the article and academic writing. 


Creating a professional account

You do not necessarily need to write assignments from a marketplace although beginners will find it a perfect option. If you have no time to write the content yourself, you can purchase a writing account and manage it. The only responsibility will be to seek reliable people who can write and then give them the assignments. It is also possible (probably the peak placement in article writing) to have clients who send work directly. For instance, if you are a good writer with evidence of your articles, you can build relationships with website and business owners who contact you directly and request articles. This enhances longevity and also increases your credibility as a writer.



For those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing articles and academic online, the truth is that the activity is quite easy. Sometimes you do not even need to research and the more you write, the better you become. Besides, you are writing content meant for websites which means you are learning much more than an average person. Your knowledge expands rapidly with article writing and so does your English proficiency and typing speed. However, writing is not just as simple and requires hours of sitting down in a comfortable place. It can become a tiring routine which is why learning other forms of earning income are utterly important as you begin to save up. Nonetheless, anyone with good English will find it fun, easy and profitable. Besides, it is a gateway that polishes your skills to levels where you can write anything ranging from proposals to editorials, newsletters, and reports among related documents.




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