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Let us fight against a CURSE, Let us fight against the SITUATION.... Let us HOLD THE HANDS TOGETHER ....

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We are now in the midst of globalization. With the advancement of the technology, we are developing numerous nuclear weapons, biological weapons, ammunition, etc. to fight against each other, to become the most powerful living creature in the world. Why do we want to become so? To whom we are afraid of???

It is written in our spiritual books such as The Holy Bible, The Bhagabat Gita, The Koran, etc. that we (the human beings) the most beautiful creatures created by the God. The only thing that the God has distinguished between us is our gender; one with strength (Masculine) and the other one with knowledge (Feminine).

As the days moved on we started thinking that men are the most powerful creature of God, but not women. Women were considered as the most shameful living creature in the world and they were put behind the bars (for household works) just like prisoners. The time we felt moody, we used them for having fun, forced them to have sex without knowing their consent. It didn't stop there. Whenever we had an anger on any matter, we made it out by hitting women, killing them as if they were just an extra burden to us. Whenever any kind of protests or war took place in our world, the most affected and targeted victims were women. But why?? No one knows.

Talking about now, we are doing the same in a globalized manner. As per last ten years of statistics:

** More than 20 million women are sex workers.

** Women trafficking is increasing swiftly over time.

** Child rape is very much common nowadays, etc. etc.


In some countries, government officials are promoting sex workers and considering this profession as legal. Why so? Why a woman in our society needs to work as a courtesan??

I believe women have the ability to work on several other respectful jobs to serve a country rather than doing prostitution? Then, why is this going on?? Don't you think that we (men) are still treating a woman as the highest payable commodity in the global market?

Yeah, unfortunately, we are... The question that comes after it is how to protest against the imperative situation. Isn't it??

Do you really think that mobilizing the maximum security for women and enforcing several strict laws will actually help in improving the situation??

Well, I don't think so... The only God-gifted weapon that will help us to get rid of this situation is... 


I understand that it's not that easy to use it as a weapon to topple the curse that's going on for decades. The thing is, we are left with no alternative choices at all. Neither it can be figured out by deploying several NGOs to work on this issue.

Since we (men) are responsible for this situation, we have to take the first step but the hands will also require the billions of support from the women around the world irrespective of any caste, creed, and religion. 

Once we initiate, I believe others will definitely join, leaving behind all their egos and superstitious beliefs. Only then we can proudly say that yes, we have contributed towards the betterment of our society.

Let's unite together to form a community, no matter from which countries you are from, no matter what's our mother tongue, nonetheless what's our profession.

I am Anupam, living in India, would like to have all of your hands for this noble journey to save mankind from this deadly curse.

Optimistically looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts and your open suggestions.


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