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Law of Attraction- The Law that creates our own destiny un-knowingly..!!!

What is the Law of Attraction? How does it work? Why is it important?

In our schools, we got many trainings but we were never trained on 'How to Think'? How we think actually creates our Personality, Relationships, and Destiny and is the major factor that creates success or failure in Life. We are what we think all the time. Like attracts like. Newton's Law also states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Law of attraction is of a similar kind. It works like every other law of nature. It really doesn't depend on whether we want it to happen or not, but once it sends out it will definitely come back to us; like Law of Karma. So, if you jump from a height you will definitely fall. You can't stop yourself from falling once you jumped in, but you can stop it from happening before jumping.

We really need to think about what we should think!! choose to think right as it matters..

We do not attract what we wish but we actually attract who we are in reality. Our thoughts create vibrations and our vibes attract similar vibes. How many of us, do really understand that we only create our own destiny. What it really takes to create our own luck is a matter of science indeed!

When we think constantly of something it happens to us. We think it knowingly or un-knowingly is not important. Everything we see, experience, life is a manifestation of our thoughts and that same thought has a huge influence on ourselves and others. Like, if we tune the frequency to FM we can't expect any other channel to play except FM.

In a similar fashion, the law of attraction also works. The continuous thoughts that we create in our mind send out vibrations and exactly the same kind of vibrations come back to us. We cannot plant an apple tree and expect an orchid. Our thoughts are our seeds, whatever we plant in our mind grows and gives us the similar kind of fruits in return.

Energy flow where attention goes. The more we focus our energy on something we make it grow bigger and bigger.

Recently a research by the Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan issued a device that can read people’s minds by detecting their brainwaves, which will be easily operated through smartphone apps in very near future.which proves that everything is only the game of our mind.

Now let us see how our mind actually works?

What is Mind: Our mind has two parts subconscious mind and the conscious mind. Subconscious mind comprises of 95% whereas the conscious mind is only 5% of our mind. Whatever we feed to our subconscious happens in reality. A thing is created twice, first in our mind and the second in reality. One who has the ability to master the subconscious can take charge of his destiny. Our actual power lies in the subconscious which we often call as intuition, imagination, emotions and our beliefs. Our Conscious mind has the willpower to do what we want and creates thoughts of our choice. Our conscious mind feeds our subconscious mind which in turn attract our luck.

Our thoughts can create the destiny of our choice.

Our mind waves can travel far across physical barriers, that's the power of imagination. When we create a thought our intellect creates a picture of it, if the thing is not happening in reality still our mind can create a picture based on our thoughts. Based on the picture created which we term visualization, emotions and feelings are generated. And our body generates the same set of hormone and chemicals which it would have generated if it had happened in real. Our mind actually cannot distinguish between real and imaginary. And here where the power lies. What we think and imagine happens in real. If we keep on thinking on something it happens. In reality, there is nothing as miracle or accident. Our thoughts send out vibrations to the universe which in turn comes back to us. The energy we send out is the energy that is returned. If we send out positive vibes we get back positive. If send out negative vibes we get negative. The more we think of an event and visualize and feel it through our mind, the more is the chances of it happening in reality. It is this Law that governs a person's Life.

Ask yourself one simple question:

What is that one change I want in my life today if it happens it will make my life a beautiful journey?
You are just one thought away from creating a destiny of your choice.
Take away your attention from negative things and energy will stop flowing into it and automatically get fixed. Take a positive thought and hold on to that thought and all people situations will get changed and our thought will attract the positive people and situations in our lives.

In order to bring about a fundamental (major) change, three elements need to exist simultaneously:

Focus: A clear sense of purpose in life and clear goals to guide your life's activities. 

Will: The motivation and enthusiasm to introduce and sustain the actions.

Capabilities: The skills and abilities to fulfill your purpose and goals.

Once the mind is focused everything falls into place automatically.
Write down your focus points and it will automatically manifest your goals.

As now we understand that the actual power lies in the subconscious, so let us feed our subconscious the right food. The subconscious is activated highest when we sleep and it stays active till 30 mins after waking up. Whatever we feed our mind before going to sleep and immediately after waking up plays the dominant role in our life.

If you visualize and create the right kind of thoughts before going to sleep and after waking up on the things you want to happen in your life; it will start happening.

Our mind has the power to create and choose our thoughts.

Start doing it every day and see the change taking place like a miracle in your life.
If we want to change our destiny we do not need to wear a stone or run to an Astrologer. But only one single conscious step; Changing our thoughts consciously.

Our awareness of our thoughts is the key to our success. Do not wait for luck but know your powers and create the luck of your choice.


All the best,

Arunima :)



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