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Think how to be Happy and How to Enjoy your own life

What makes you happy? if someone is happy, he is more popular, healthier lives longer and more productive at work.   

So this should be taken very seriously indeed. Some scientists want to deploy scientifically rigorous methods to determine why some people are happy, while others tend to misery? Does science only investigate suffering why not look into what steps increase happiness?

Findings reflect that there are three main types of happiness. First, we can gain a pleasant life from sensual pleasures such as eating or drinking and watching a good film.

Second, a person can be happy when we identify our skills what we are talented at and use it in an activity. Third, there is the lasting happiness, comes from religion we believe in and put all our strength to service it when you believe that there is a God who takes care of you.

Fourth, you cant be fruitful by yourself, nature teaches us that there are no fruits without relationships, try to surround yourself with good relationships. you have to enjoy the relationship with yourself, value yourself if you don't know no one will value you. You are the only one who is responsible for his life happiness, try to write the script of your life and be careful to make your story live happily. 

Enjoy the journey, not the destination don't delay your happiness tell you married, or get a certain degree or get children, don't celebrate when you get the finished line, but celebrate all the time.

In addition be careful with your relationship with your children it is not important what you leave for them to make them great in life but what you leave in them, such as morals and principles to direct their way correctly in life.

With the deep religion and sensual life and good relationships also practicing our skills all these aspects create for us a world of happiness.


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