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The weight lose key in yours fist.

The weight loss key in your fist.

People ask me many questions that Om Pal how u reduce your weight so much quicker, please tell me how can I do it? I always told them whatever they already know.

The main thing is that they only want to know but don’t want to follow it.

By my experiences, there are five main things by which you can control your body weight as your desire.

1. Techniques of drinking water

2. Right manner of eating food.

3. Vitamins are helpful.

4. Prohibited products.

5. The last one is Exercise.

1. Techniques of drinking water

Always use lukewarm/room temperature water whenever you drink it but in an emergency, if there is only cold water then you can take it in a little amount. Always carry a water bottle with you by which you can drink water in every 30 minutes(which water is taken slowly-slowly it will trigger your metabolism rate) Minimum water limits for your body is 1/10 liters.

2. Right manner of eating food

Always eat your food slowly and chew your food properly, by which your saliva can digest your food, which will play the main role in your weight loss plan .Because metabolism role is planed between your first bite’s and second bite’s timing. Whole digestion managements starts from your first bite till the end. Always be focused on your meal don’t do any other work during eating example:- Watching T.V, Mobile uses etc. And fully enjoy your food because it will help you in your losing weight management system. And one thing whenever you take cooked food then you should always take the same quantity as raw food as a salad. If salad is not available then instead of salad, you can use sprouts but raw food is most compulsory without raw food you can’t reduce your weigh and get your original shape.  

Everyone knows liquid diet is helpful for weight reducing so by my experience, I noticed our brain needs solid food, without chewing food our stomach will not feel stuffed, so you can cheat your brain when you are eating food than you can sip water after finishing your every bite, like that your stomach will get liquid diet and your brain will get solid diet so it will be more helpful for lose weight quickly.

3. Vitamins are helpful.

Essentials vitamins which you should have to take are vitamin C, Omega-3, and Vitamin E which can helpful for you to lose weight.


It will help you increase metabolism rate and help to make tight skin during your weight loss program and helpful for repairing and regenerating of new cells.

Maximum limit of intake Vitamin C is 2000 mg by Dr. Prescription.

You can take it 65-90 mg daily (safely).

One lemon contains 30mg vitamin C, honey, and this vitamin will flush out toxins from your liver through urine, so it helps to improve your liver’s health.

This vitamin needs water to dissolve in your body so you should always take it with one glass of water

Omega 3

This is a fatty acid it helps to make strong mussels and increase immune system and help to get recover from muscle cramps during exercise. 250-500 mg is safe for a healthy person.

It gives the best result when you take it with the milk because it dissolves in fat.

Vitamin E

Yes, this vitamin plays the most important role in our body’s tissues elasticity so you will be get rid of muscle cramps most the of athletes use of it.

But a safe range of Vitamin E is 15 mg per day if you are not injured by mussel cramp.

But this Vitamins should be taken under Dr. prescription.

So you can take it naturally through almond, peanuts and sunflower oil. And this vitamin also gives the best result when you take it with the milk.

Calcium level

If you are above 30 years, before going to a gym or doing exercise you should be sure that your calcium level is right or not, if there will be any deficiency of it, then it can because of bone injury. So before joining any exercise program you should always sure that your calcium level is better or not, so you can consult your dr. for ignoring any accident.


4. Prohibited products.

Sugar( Sweet poison), Rice, all starchy food, cream, cold water, cold drinks and all junk food etc. These products will surely destroy your dream in a little bit.

5. The last one is Exercise.

Now you are ready for your exercise, if you will follow the upper 4 methods, then really your all exercise will give you result as your desires.

The weight loss key is in your fist.

All the above is my own experience with these techniques I have reduced my 24 kg weight.


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