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Surgery for the Overweight

Surgery for the Overweight

Today, when obesity is considered a severe problem, there comes up to our society a medical technique called Gastric Banding. This is a method of reducing weight to the admired level by surgery in which the surgeon put the band around the stomach. Apart from the non-medics or the conventional one like eating less or following dietary restrictions, it is best recommended owing to its ample benefits.

While you have long been struggling with an obese issue in your life, you might be shocked upon hearing the word ‘surgery’ as it is commonly associated with a complicated clinical procedure. Gastric Band Surgery is not like what does exist in your mind. To perform it, you merely undergo some 7 mm incision, and no inner organ in the stomach is even stapled or rerouted. Due to its simple process, an overnight stay in a hospital is sufficient, thus saving a great amount of budget for your health cost. When you take this method there are some other benefits to mention such as quick recovery, band removability, plain adjustability, no mal-absorption issues, and few post-surgery complications.

Then, as you may wonder, how does it relate to appetite control? After the surgeon puts the band around the stomach, to a moderate degree, it will mechanically restrict the volume and type of the food eaten so as to reduce nutrition intake in the intestine resulting in the loss of weight of an individual in the long run

Of several Laparoscopic surgeries, there can be mentioned Adjustable Gastric Banding, Lap Banding, Gastric Bypass, and Vertical Sleeve Method. On the view of what surgical approach is used, both Gastric Bypass and Vertical Sleeve Method avoid the 2 cm cuts, but Adjustable Gastric Banding does not because the additional cut in it is to place the adjustment port under the skin. On the view of anatomy, an adjustable silicone ring to function as a band is installed around the top part of the stomach creating a small pouch in the adjustable banding. While in the Gastric Bypass a small pouch is connected to the small intestine bypassing the stomach, in Vertical Sleeve Method nearly most of the stomach is removed and shaped like a banana. Reversibility obviously applies to both Adjustable and Lap Bandings. Although it is possible in Gastric Bypass, it must be thought of as permanent. Adjustable Gastric Banding is the most recommended of all as it gives relatively surgical risks than the others do.

You have to consider some surgical indications to which the surgery refers such as age, Body Mass Index, failure in therapy, history of obesity, comprehension of risks and benefits of your talking surgery. Likewise, it is important to be well-informed that Gastric Surgery for banding is not allowed to an individual who suffers from long and untreated endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, severe cardiopulmonary diseases, allergy to the banding materials, dependency on drugs and alcohol, and who is emotionally unstable. For the pregnant woman, it is a must that she consults the physician first.

And if you go on a diet, do exercise, and have to maintain the band properly, you must strictly follow post-surgery guidelines related to them so that you can maintain your weight reduction.


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