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Love is what all long for. Absence of love makes life miserable. Love is an attachment, an emotional bond that fills life with happiness.


Love is an attachment. We may love a person, our place, our passion, and all those things for which we nurture a strong emotional bond. What perhaps appeal the most to the senses is the relationship between a man and a woman – the explosive nature of the romantic association. The deeper we go, the more multiple shades of meanings we tend to explore.

Well, my dear, here I am focusing on the romantic association between two young souls longing breathtakingly for each other. A saying runs – love at first sight. Well, I don’t think it is love but the sudden fascination with the other person triggered by one’s imagination and expectation over the years. We form a certain picture of the person that results from the different shades of our experiences through time. The impact may be of some Hollywood celebrity, a character on the TV screen, a shape formed on our mental canvas from some beautiful poem, or maybe from the synthesis of our own thoughts. When young boys and girls go dating, there is an element of fascination between them. This fascination may mature with time and they may feel life incomplete without each other.  But there are many who meet and help one another, have regard for one another but choose to go their own way.

Well, we may not confine love to the feeling of young boys and girls only. Love is everybody’s birthright. It’s an emotional overflow of romantic feelings that long to have someone close to one’s pleasant moments through the passage of time.

Love, when blended with lust, loses its charm and grace. True, love may result in physical attachment as then one is able to understand the other deeply. But there are social norms all over the world in different countries that regulate the running of the society. When lust takes precedence, love becomes meaningless. There’s no love at all except for the word that fascinates until physical satisfaction. Once the physical drama is over, in most of the cases love tends to feel like an emotional blackmail until the heat is over.

A good number of writers have written beautiful lines on the beauty of love. It is human nature to get immediately fascinated by the advances of love, but it is also important to maintain one’s integrity no matter what comes one’s way.

Love is not a lollypop to be licked and thrown away as it continues to happen in many places. It is the culture of a particular place that defines and modifies its meaning.

But if you love, continue to love no matter what barriers block your way for then only you will be called a true lover.  When you get the person or thing you love, the intensity of love mostly not so as it used to be earlier. So, love to love and leave your life moving freely on the highway of life.

Well, my dear, I wrote what I felt from my experience.  I have loved too and I feel life is well lived if you have loved someone.

My next topic will be ‘Desire’. Hope to find you reading my next write-up. Until then, goodbye.


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