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How to prevent high blood pressure


 There are many people in our surrounding who are suffering from high blood pressure. But few of them don’t know and few are reluctant for treatment properly inspire of their awareness. Moreover, there is a lot of prevailing misconception regarding high pressure and so-called hypertension for which we often make mistake to take due care. Now, these misconceptions should be removed at the earliest.

High pressure only for aged people: This myth was acceptable to the people in the last decade. For that they never made their blood pressure checked from a physician.  But nowadays lifestyle has undergone a drastic change and introduced some new terminology like stress, strain, tension etc which have gifted high blood pressure for the population of comparatively lower age group. Now the pressure is not under any age boundary, youth are also victims of blood pressure now. If there is any historical background in the family then the problem may be more critical. So pressure ought to be checked from a doctor and if upward trend is observed, check up at a regular need to be continued as a routine.

Blood Pressure without any symptom: It may not be true always that without symptom like dizziness, unbearable neck pain, headache etc high blood pressure can’t be confirmed. The only routine checkup can give an accurate result. 

Medicine is taken only if Pressure is high, No high pressure no medicine: There is also a viewpoint among the large portion of the people that medicine need not be taken if high pressure reduces down at normal range and they stop the medicine. Nobody thinks that pressure remains within the normal range as a result of taking medicine regularly. Medicine cannot be stopped or group of medicine should not be changed without the advice of the doctor. However, in the event of a low-pressure, dose of medicine can be adjusted as per the instruction of the concerned physician.

Sour may not reduce high pressure: Somebody drinks tamarind or lemon mixing with water to get a remedy of high pressure without being ascertained about the scientific explanation. But if salt is mixed in it there may a possibility of increasing pressure.

Processed Food: Patient of high pressure is always advised not to take much salt; it is better is foods are cooked with less salt. Many may eat processed foods which are very harmful as unlimited salt is added in these. As a precaution, a high-pressure patient shout avoids fat, oily and spicy packed food.

The resistance power of medicine: Generally if medicines for high pressure are periodically changed by the doctor as because the same medicine may become resistance after a long time. But it must not be changed by the patient himself always at the advice of the concerned physician. 


Herbal Remedy: Stem of a banana tree is very useful to reduce high blood pressure. It can be cooked without any spice or juice can be extracted squeezing the stem for drinks and see the result.


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