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How to Lose Weight Consistently in 3 Easy Ways?

Tired of losing weight for a week then frustrated a month after? Lose weight for a day or two and balloon for a year.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to consistently lose weight. Remember the 3 Letter Cs.

1. (Conviction) Start with your Mind. Get out of ignorance.

All successful endeavors start out with a steady mindset and strong knowledge of things they venture. Conviction to lose weight is not losing weight for a day, a week, a month or a year. Conviction is determining to do this for the LIFETIME. Losing weight does not only mean shedding those stubborn fats and toning that lousy cellulitis. Losing weight equates to a healthy body and a happy productive life. Practical ways to do this is to imagine yourself confident about how you look. Cut out pictures of your ideal look, place it at your dining area to remind yourself to avoid too much eating. Some others I know would place their dream sexy outfit at a visible location in their closet to serve as their motivation. Bottom line, establish a SEXY MINDSET OF THE NEW YOU.

Be in the know. Research type of foods that either breaks or makes your health regimen. Count your calories. Look up for a table of calories to give you an idea of your consumption. Otherwise, losing weight becomes burdensome and eventually cause you to quit the grip because of ignorance.

2. (Commitment) Set out a target weight and never give up achieving it. 

Be on top of your lazy self. Start with the weighing scale. Know your current weight and height. As soon as you have the data you need, go to websites that could accurately measure your BMI (Body Mass Index).  Once you have your BMI, you would now have an idea of what is your supposed normal weight is. You now have a target weight.

I got my results from This website also provides you with tips on diet meals for a healthy heart ( I have always believed that a healthy body makes your heart glee and your mind free!). Realize that the fats in our body are tissues. They need to be pumped blood by your heart, thus every pound of excess fat is an extra pound of unnecessary work for your heart.

Track your improvements. I recommend that you keep a weighing scale, calorie guide and a journal handy. 

3 (Celebrate) Yes, Celebrate.  

One way to keep your weight target at a consistent pace is to avoid deprivation, eat in moderation. A lot of times, it is not what we eat but how much we eat. We have the tendency to blame sugar and carbs that causes overweight. We deprive our selves of these essential food elements and suffer low energy or fatigue. Our body also needs sugar and carbohydrates for it to keep going. Consuming too much of both without finding ways to burn them is after all - the culprit. 

Once you achieve a certain target, be it the number of calories burned or overcame a craving for a load of ice cream and carbs, reward your self. Celebrate your feat by satisfying cravings. Don't forget to set your mind back to your conviction.

BONUS: DETOX! A lot of ways to detoxify are recommended by experts. It is best to look up ways that work for you. Your liver and kidney work efficiently in getting rid the toxins we consume, but remember, it can only do so much so it stores them somewhere like when one sticks gummies under the desk. Better be kind to your liver by letting it do its job efficiently.

The safest way that helped me and got me satisfying results on my weight loss plan is cleaning up my gut by eating only FRUIT AND VEGGIES DIET (I could use some boiled eggs to boost energy in-betweens).  I do it twice a month for a maximum of 5 days. 

Since this is your body we are dealing with, be a good steward of it and achieve consistent results with your CONVICTION and COMMITMENT.  In due time, get to CELEBRATE THE BETTER VERSION OF YOU!



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